Happy Easter

  • Happy Easter to everyone on KUBUCKETS! I enjoy reading and responding to different opinions, perspectives, and thoughts on the state of KU Basketball with everyone of you. It does not matter whether we agree/disagree or agree to disagree as long as we share in our love and support of Kansas Basketball.

    How about Coach Self? Easter Sunday with Myles Turner! Now that’s commitment! Way to keep KU in the conversation coach!

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    The man has a serious motor.

  • He has risen…

    He has risen indeed!

  • Happy Easter to all!

  • @jaybate 1.0 Devotion to duty! Gotta love it!

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    Are you by any chance of Greek ancestry?

    Happy Easter to the entire extended Jayhawk family.

  • He has risen indeed!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Are you by any chance of Greek ancestry?

    No, all German, nothing else.

  • Happy Easter to all!

    This is the best thing going on anywhere, and you guys all make it happen!

    My hats off to the entire Jayhawk Nation, and especially the crew in here!

    BTW: Who says Self can’t run a full-court press? He’s running one now, today, in Texas!

  • I was going to post something similar about Easter. It’s my favorite day of the year, late night and any day/night KU is playing coming in a distant 2nd! Glad to be part of Jayhawk Nation and all my virtual friends here.

    He is Risen!

  • Self recruiting Turner on Easter has me picturing him a la Nick Nolte in “Blue Chips”.

    Self: “Myles I wanna come down and talk to you this week. Hell I’ll even make the trip on Easter Sunday.”

    Turner: “We’ll be at church in the morning, but after that…”

    Self: “What kind of church do you go to?”

    Turner: “Assemblies of God”

    Self: “Pentecostal? Hell, I grew up in a Pentecostal church!”

    Self begins rhythmically clapping his hands while joining in the gospel singing.

    (As Jaybate would say, all fiction, no malice)

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    David Turner, father of @Original_Turner just told me the in home visit with #kubball went great. Said Self/Roberts are 1st class.

  • And this from Kelly Oubre page (he’s with JoJo):


  • Love this clip and the similarities it has with recruiting.

    But sadly, if you saw the movie, you know what happened to McGuire and Cushman, Slimey Bob Sugar happened! In the end though, the real winners won. I think this movie, though has a agent/pro player theme, could be the same with college coaches and recruits.

  • So Self dressed up as the Easter bunny on Sunday, with assistant bunny, Norm Roberts, and visited Myles. Meanwhile… who was visiting with Devonte in Lawrence? I’m guessing Snacks was around.

    In theory, we have one slot to fill. But who in here thinks we are heavily recruiting two players to fill one spot?

    This isn’t an either/or situation.

    Hard to imagine where this puts us in a pre-season ranking if we land both? I hope not too high… that always stymies growth with all the added attention.

  • @drgnslayr Unless Self really thinks transferring is necessary, I don’t see him tranferring anyone, save Tharpe. But right now, I don’t see anyone leaving. Therefore, Self will simply give the slot to either player. Self making a trip to Euless tells me he would love to have Turner, but he may actually be good with Lucas and Mickelson. I guess if you don’t have a player, you can’t count on them. Therefore, Self has no choice but to assume that Lucas and Mickelson are the 5 and backup at this point. But for him to travel down to Euless on Easter Sunday speaks volumes of Self’s need/desire/want of Turner.

    The same applies to Graham. Self is prepared and assuming that Mason and Tharpe are the pgs, but would like to add Graham for obvious reasons. I really don’t think Self is a transfer first kind of coach. Yes, it is necessary at times, but just don’t see him pushing people for the sake of making room.

    So, slayr to answer your question, I’d say that ultimately Self will take either one, but that Turner is obviously the bigger priority. I want to say both/and, but that’s pushing it at this point. If he lands both, it will be interesting to see what he does to get both.

    Is it April 30th yet? I’d love to get Turner and/or Graham, but the more I think about it, I really believe KU will be ok.

  • @drgnslayr Graham’s visit was Friday and Saturday, so Self was off to Texas for Sunday.

    We are plainly recruiting two players for two spots. I say that because Self clearly said after the banquet that they could sign “one or two” more players.

    If both players want to come, one will leave. That simple.

  • @truehawk93

    18 players were in the roster, 13 scholarships available.

    Five players did not have scholarships, Wesley, Manning, Self, Roberts and Garret. Wesley and Roberts are now gone an the remaining three will not use up scholarships.

    Three players with scholarships left, Wiggins Embiid and Black so there were three scholarships available; two will be taken by Alexander an Oubre leaving just one available.

    Unless, unbeknown to us,Tharpe has graduated and he is granted a release to play his senior year elsewhere, there is no way he would transfer and sit one year just to play one more year, particularly when he is the incumbent PG and the position is his to lose. Even if he loses the starting position, he will still play substantial minutes.

    Traylor, Lucas and Michelson have already used up their red shirt year so they are not going anywhere either since they would use a full year of eligibility. Ellis and Frankamp are Kansas boys whose dream was to play for KU; Ellis is the top player returning and Frankamp has nowhere to go but up; they are not transferring either. Selden is the top prospect coming back and likely will be the featured player; he is not going anywhere.

    The walk-ons, Self, Manning and Garret are not taking up scholarships so they are not part of the conversation. . Mason will be smack in the PG battle so I just don’t see him going anywhere which leaves Greene and White as the only potential transfers; red-shirting would not help as red-shirt players still take up a scholarship.

    So, If Coach Self signs 2 more players, one of the current players with scholarship would have to transfer or go off scholarship. There is no getting around the 13 scholarship limit; interesting that Division I women basketball programs can offer 15 scholarships.

  • @RockChalkinTexas no, but close!

  • @truehawk93 , @HighEliteMajor , @JayHawkFanToo

    Thanks for addressing my post.

    My gut is on Self trying to sign both of these guys… and if that be the case, someone is transferring or going off scholarship. If it comes down to that… I don’t see us losing Greene. I thought Self put quite a bit of public words out there on how he sees a bright future for Greene. Almost felt like he was making sure Greene got the message, that PT would be in his future at KU.

    My guess is if we land both of these guys, we will be listed in the Top 5 next fall. I hope not… but with the hype building around Myles recently, and after doing the math, it will be hard to keep the spotlight from shining (early) on Lawrence.

  • @JayHawkFanToo “Unless, unbeknown to us,Tharpe has graduated and he is granted a release to play his senior year elsewhere, there is no way he would transfer and sit one year just to play one more year, particularly when he is the incumbent PG and the position is his to lose. Even if he loses the starting position, he will still play substantial minutes.”

    I question that. Why not? He has one more season of basketball. That’s it.

    Assume that Self has told Tharpe that his belief is that Mason or Frankamp will earn the starting job. And assume that Self has told Tharpe that the other player that didn’t win the starting job will likely be the back up.

    Wouldn’t you, if you were Tharpe, consider transferring if that were true?

    Now, I think the chances of that being true is slim. I doubt Self would tip his hand. Self probably really wants Tharpe to stay. First, Tharpe could be much better. Second, Tharpe provides significant security even if Mason or CF is Self’s quiet choice at the moment. Third, Tharpe maybe Self’s choice right now to start (ugh).

    The reason I do think that a Tharpe transfer is at least a chance is because Self has been displeased with him to a very significant degree to start both of the last two seasons. There is that small chance that Self may just be done with that.

    But I don’t think so.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I haven’t read beyond your posts. I don’t even consider the walk-ons. We are only referring to scholarship players only that impact our current recruiting situation.

    I do appreciate your point about Tharpe. I think you’re exactly right at face value. However, it depends on if Tharpe wants to play. If you read my post about not knowing much concerning Tharpe’s grandfather pass, I said, Tharpe has two options: dedicate this last season to his grandfather and play for something bigger than yourself, ie. TRob’s mother OR if he can’t get himself straight, he’ll have to transfer. Yes, he may play and maybe he’s prepared to be a senior and play backup mins to a frosh or soph(?). My guess is, it will be business as usual with Tharpe. I think his ceiling is hit and will settle to just playing significant minutes, but not start.

    Lastly, I don’t think Green is going anywhere. We all saw Green get significant minutes over AW3, so the writing is on the wall for AW3. However, like Tharpe, if this middle group can wait unitl they’re seniors, they will be very good, AW3 included.

    I never suggested that Traylor, Lucas, and Mickelson will even think about going anywhere. It does all boil down to AW3.

  • @HighEliteMajor I’ll go with “ugh”… I just don’t know what’s up with Senior Point Guard Naadir Tharpe right now. He’s got to get his head together and make this a year to remember. Or maybe not, maybe he’s done, I don’t know, but I can’t watch him have another year like last year as a senior no doubt.

  • I’m completely mixed with the Turner camp too. I have no idea what’s going on at this point.

  • I think Self takes a gigantic risk dedicating the PG spot to Tharpe next year. He can’t risk Tharpe collapsing like EJ did in March, 2013. It isn’t easy for me to repeat that sentence because I still have a high level of respect for EJ and I don’t mean to demean him in any way.

    But too many people see this coming year as a possible repeat of 2013. Lots of hopes and dreams shattered by a loss that shouldn’t have happened because we couldn’t execute from the PG position.

    I think Self’s recent action to jump all over Devonte says plenty about his feeling of desperation at the PG position next year. That doesn’t mean I think anything less of Conner or Frank. But if Self thought we were set at PG, why is he going so hard after Devonte?

    I believe he is trying to recruit for next year (and beyond) to go from having a good year (next year) to having a great year!

    BTW: anyone watching the nest over there in Lexington? Cal may have quite a class returning. Appears he may not have all the early exits. Read somewhere they could end up with 3 7-footers. Good chance they will be bigger than any NBA team.

  • @truehawk93 See, I think Lucas could. Small, small chance. But if we land Turner, his playing time will essentially be the same. Maybe less because there are no foul machines like Black (hopefully).

    If Lucas were to sit out next season and transfer, he’d have two seasons left and all he would have lost is another season on the bench.

    Just a scenario … I don’t want it and don’t expect it. Would love to see Lucas earn big minutes with development.

  • @HighEliteMajor Well, I guess I never thought about Lucas being a candidate for transfer. I always thought that he was a developmental guy…and viewed himself as such. Probably won’t see significant playing time until Jr/Sr. year. But, you are right…he could decide that even the longer term outlook is not good for PT. Or, get impatient.

  • @Hawk8086 But let’s hope not … would absolutely love to see this guy develop into a reliable rotation guy. Hard not to root for both he and Jamari.

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