Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.

  • @FarmerJayhawk the Chinese just have one region locked down right ? It seems we will have a pretty clear awareness soon if there is community spread because the other regions would blow up.

    I’m still under the assumption it’s contained.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    @FarmerJayhawk no way are they trying to test everyone. People that are exposed are told to self quarantine at home because there are not enough tests here. People that have mild symptoms are not bother standing in long lines.

    Certainly much more widespread testing than the Chinese, who systematically covered this whole thing up from the start. I don’t believe their numbers at all.

  • @FarmerJayhawk Did I mention here that millions dropped their cell phone plan? mAkEs YoU tHiNk

  • @BShark Yeah but how much of that is financial strain? Like an Uber driver might have 2 phones or if they drive lyft as well, maybe even 3. I’ve even read about certain drivers having multiple lines to drive up pricing somehow (don’t remember how that worked). But if I’m locked down, the first thing I would do would be to drop those extra phones that aren’t doing me any good anymore. Now, do I believe China’s numbers are “accurate,” of course not. But tbh no ones numbers are accurate as every country seems to have different criteria for getting tested. For a long time in the U.S. it was “displaying symptoms, AND known contact with someone who had tested positive.” That was still the case well into March but has changed now.

  • @benshawks08 I’m honestly not sure how China works financially with things like that.

  • @BShark Oh me neither. I just know I saw the same report you did about the phones and then another response questioning what that really shows. Made me stop and think…

  • China reshut all theaters today and people are getting COVID for the second time over there. It’s bad.

  • @FarmerJayhawk oof, link?

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    China reshut all theaters today and people are getting COVID for the second time over there. It’s bad.

    WTF - -dam

  • Heard on the news. A 1st response commander said he had never seen 7,000 calls for EMS before in a day, he said that’s more then 911 - - and he said they had been getting those amounts of call for 7 days in a row now.

    I hate to be the Debbie downer here BUT, my opinion, well actually more then just me but I don’t think we are any where close to getting a grip on this thing. I think this thing I think will drag out for months, - it’s just mass chaos , I mean this thing is now hitting our Military really hard , I think they said there are now 675 positive cases , You have these two Cruise line ships that are loaded with positive cases , have dead people on board and begging to be able to dock and yet have not been given permission to dock - - -we have just huge numbers of field hospitals there are other things in play too but just feel like they are a long ways from getting things under control sad to say.

  • Gov of Texas just shut down schools until May 4th. Don’t think that’ll be long enough.

  • @benshawks08 just now?

  • @benshawks08 said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    Gov of Texas just shut down schools until May 4th. Don’t think that’ll be long enough.

    Trump and his doctahzzz now projecting 100-200k deaths in the US by June.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah we are a bit slow down here. He did it this afternoon. Technically my district had only closed until April 13th so I guess this is an improvement?

  • @benshawks08 so you have been closed? Scared me!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 It was all left up to individual districts here until yesterday. Some districts were still open but pretty much all the big city districts had closed.

  • Here in SC, we are in the 20% of Americans not subject to a stay-home order. But we both have some vulnerabilities in case we get infected so we stay home anyway except for walks. Gov closed all nonessential businesses yesterday.

  • I can’t believe some states! Well I should DeSantis and Abbott! Look at Mizzou numbers. People, even in kck having church services, Louisiana too. I’m a Christian too. God blessed me w/a brain 🤣 I know u question that! I spelled brain, Brian too.

  • Get those sailors of the Petri dish ship?

  • I get so sick of hearing, plenty for all testing materials and then to hear right here we don’t! I finally went to dr. Hassle! No fever, same ole thing for me respiratory infection, asthma, shots of steroidS, antibiotic, finally got my new inhaler. Shortage of them. my doc. Said they r telling people to self quarantine if they have fevers and symptoms. I read, pasted New estimates show 25% to 50% of coronavirus carriers don’t even feel sick and can infect others blindly Rant over! Be careful Jayhawks!

  • Hoping that everyone is staying safe and healthy. I thought I would be on more, but with the transition of working from home, I haven’t had the chance to get on as much. Be well everyone.

  • @justanotherfan thanks, you too.

  • A letter from a gal that worked at Pratt juco. Young mom, kinda long. My sister knows her.

    Center 59 mins · Heather’s story is shared with her permission. This is why we can not stress the Stay-At-Home order enough. Each of us has an incredible responsibility right now. Heather did all the right things! Isolation from even her own husband and children. Everything we touch, everywhere we go, everyone we interact with, affects THE PEOPLE WE LOVE. There’s a good chance you could have it and not know for 2 weeks.

    Heather Hopper Wilson Yesterday at 1:48 PM My Covid19 Story:

    Let me start by saying THANK YOU so much for outpouring of love shown to me over the past couple of weeks. All the prayers, kind texts, phone calls, the encouragement, and the concern were so important to my recovery and meant more than you’ll ever know. I know several also reached out to my parents and siblings for updates and kind words, thank you to all my family and friends. I truly was overwhelmed by the outpouring.

    I know there has been much speculation regarding whether my illness was Coronavirus, and this morning, eight days after being tested, my Covid19 test came back positive.

    It is important to note that no one that I work with or have been in contact with is at risk of contracting the virus from me as I have not been on campus since March 11 and in a public setting since March 12. All colleagues/public are far outside of the 2-14 day window in which to show symptoms. I also want to be clear that I order my groceries and HAD NOT BEEN regularly visiting any businesses in town prior to my symptom date as I greatly limit my exposure during cold/flu season in an effort to protect myself and others.

    It is unknown how I contracted this virus, I had not travelled, or been around anyone known to have symptoms, I did not have any direct contact with students in the days leading up to my symptoms either. There is speculation that a coworker that I came in contact with may have been misdiagnosed with bronchitis a couple weeks prior to my diagnosis, but this has not been confirmed, only speculation as Covid19 was not thought to be in Kansas at that time. Again only SPECULATION and this person did nothing wrong, she stayed at home for over a week and visited a doctor and received a bronchitis diagnosis, started meds and reported back to work after being on meds for an extended period of time. (She does not live in our county.) I believe this virus has been circulating long before they were tracking it, so who knows where I picked it up.

    I started having symptoms the evening of March 12. I had a sore throat, I drank some tea, thinking sinus drainage, and went to bed. I started chilling late in the night and woke up with what I thought to be influenza, horrible headache, body aches, sore throat. I called the doctor the morning of Friday, March 13 to explain my symptoms and asked for some Tamiflu, they did not think Tamiflu was necessary and I was told to manage my symptoms at home. No doctor visit required. Isolation from my family begins.

    Sunday, March 15, I woke up and felt pretty decent. I was able to finish my 12 page paper and final project (due that evening) for a class I was taking. That night however I started chilling and felt terrible again. Still isolated.

    Tuesday, March 17, feeling no relief, extreme fatigue, sweats, headache, earache, I called the doctor and made an appointment to be seen. I was masked at my appointment and was told I had pneumonia in one lung and ear infection, prescribed antibiotics.

    Friday, March 20, I’ve spent my entire Spring Break isolated from my family, I was still feeling crummy, sweats, extreme fatigue, so I called the doctor. They prescribed a steroid to help with the pneumonia.

    Monday, March 23, very ill, went to another doctor for a second opinion. I was swabbed for influenza, it was negative, blood work done, chest X-ray and chest CT performed. Chest CT confirmed bilateral pneumonia consistent with Covid19. Doctor swabbed me for the virus. (It was also known at that time that another co-worker was struggling with similar symptoms.). I was prescribed albuterol to use in my nebulizer, that’s the only relief the doctor could offer. (Short supply of albuterol in the pharmacies due to the virus but I was able to get some).

    Tuesday, March 24, it’s hard to breathe, contemplated going into the hospital. Instead sent my husband to buy an o2 monitor at Walmart, monitored my oxygen level at home to ensure I was above the advised threshold and started regular breathing treatments. Prayers were working and I managed my symptoms at home. Still isolated from my family.

    Wednesday, March 25, decent day, oxygen level decent.

    Thursday/Friday, March 26-27, exhausted, but managed to talk to the girls teachers about what to expect this week. Oxygen level holding up.

    Sunday, March 29, woke up feeling more like myself than I had in MANY days. Still waiting on test results. Still isolated.

    Tuesday, March 31, still feeling good, three days in a row, yea! Doctor called with test results, positive for Covid19.

    Great I’ve got the diagnosis, now what? I’m good right, I’ve been isolated for 19 days, I’m far outside the ten days you’re thought to shed the virus from onset of symptoms? WRONG!!

    So much has been learned about this virus since it entered the US (and things change daily) but the CDC now is recommending that once you begin feeling well, no symptoms, that you must remain isolated for ten days. If you show any symptoms within the ten days you must start back at day one.

    I’m currently on Day 19 since onset of symptoms, I’m going to say Day 2 of feeling good (as I did have night sweats on Day 1 of feeling good). I will need to isolate for 8 more days with no symptoms to be in the clear and come out of isolation. At that point I will have been isolated for a month.

    Please be mindful and stay home. I have missed a month with my family, my husband, my kids. My girls have cried for me outside my door, they have been fearful of something very bad happening to me, it is heartbreaking to not be able to wipe away their tears or give them hugs of consolation, this weighs heavily on my heart. However I will say that if my family can remain healthy because I did what was necessary and recommended, this isolation will be so worth it. I try to remember that these days are so few when we look at the grand scale of our life.

    This road has been rough, it’s been scary, there were days my anxiety wore heavily on me. I know I made it through this because so many lifted me up in prayer and I’m so grateful. My journey is not over as I’m still recovering from my pneumonia, however I now see rainbows. Please continue to pray for me and my family. I would feel incredibly guilty and heartbroken to see them go through this knowing I was the cause. Please pray they stay healthy and that my recovery continues.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the thought and prayers.

    My mother-in-law reminded me that today I made history, the first confirmed Covid19 case in Pratt county. I’ve said it before, but sometimes we must laugh our way through the storm.

    This is my story, I thought it was important to tell so people understand how dangerous this virus is. Someone young and healthy is not immune to its fury. Do not live in fear but be smart in the choices you make when venturing out. Is the outing truly necessary?

    In the coming weeks please reach out to me if you need anything. When I have fully recovered it will be my duty to shop for others as I now have a layer of immunity against this nasty bug.




  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thank you so much for sharing this woman’s story. It’s a real eye-opener. I will add her and her family to my prayer list.

  • So here is another way of putting this whole dam COVID-19 into perspective economy wise here in Kansas at least. - - Before this virus hit, on the Average the Dept of Labor received 150,000 calls a WEEK for filing about un-employment , since the virus hit The Dept of Labor on MONDAY - took 877,000 calls in ONE DAY - - ONE FRICKEN DAY 877,000 calls for the filing of un-employment , that’s just past insane.- -kind paints a really clear picture on the toll this dam thing is taking

  • @Crimsonorblue22 the virus or colleges losing money? Almost everyone is losing money right now.

  • @Ret said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    @jayballer73 most of those calls were people calling in, hang up and call in again

    not so sure about that - when your dealing with 6.6 million un-employment across the United states Doesn’t really mater it was WAY up what eve the case was that’s why they brought in many more to help handle all the calls

  • @BShark exposing self

  • @BShark wrong thread


    “What we do know is that when somebody is coughing or sneezing those respiratory droplets can stay in the air for up to three hours, said Avula. “I do think it’s highly likely that both individuals going to the grocery store and employees of grocery stores will have this disease at some point.”

    Avula says COVID-19 can stay in the air for hours which means social distancing is more important than ever especially while we people go shopping for essential items. He advises that people who need to go out, avoid shopping during peak hours."

    We have hit critical mass of cases where it appears it’s not a matter of if but rather when you will get the virus if you keep going to stores without a mask.

  • @approxinfinity good luck getting an n95 mask with now.

  • @BShark I have one

  • @Ret said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    @jayballer73 said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    @Ret said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    @jayballer73 most of those calls were people calling in, hang up and call in again

    not so sure about that - when your dealing with 6.6 million un-employment across the United states Doesn’t really mater it was WAY up what eve the case was that’s why they brought in many more to help handle all the

    Please read the full article and report them accurately.

    Dude REALLY, come on now, you really want to get into a pissing contest about this ? - Seiously ? - -is that how you want to spend your day. move along I have. - Going strictly what the Governor said in her news conference Thanks and have a great day not in the mood today ok? - let’s just leave it at that. A -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Ret I read that too

  • @BShark I have a couple old n95 paint masks. Anyway, we should all be making DIY masks if we don’t have one. Nobody should go to the store without one

  • @approxinfinity We haven’t left my house since last Friday besides me doing a grocery pick up wearing gloves and sanitizing the goods before house entry. I took my clothes off in the garage and went straight to the shower. My daughter has a heart condition that required surgery at 2 months. She likely dies if she catches this thing so we are being super safe.

  • @kjayhawks good work man. I’m curious what the coverage of delivery groceries look like for others. I’m lucky to be in an area that delivers but I am not sure if the Food Lion near my parents will deliver (ours does). I’m going to look tonight. They live out in the mountains and are around 15 minutes from the nearest Food Lion.

    Delivery obviously eliminates so many variables The government should subsidize the grocery stores to deliver to everyone.

  • Sadly I don’t have the option to stay home as of yet. Won’t bore ya with details but “essential worker essential business” stuff. As I have been traveling the last few weeks I have noticed a huge change in behaviors. More masks, often even worn correctly, gloves and sanitizer. Much more effort at social distancing. Easy on planes now as looking about I think there are 10 of us on this 120ish seat plane. 2 rooms sold in a 200 room hotel is kinda crazy but also gives you a chance to stay healthy because staff is cut as well.

    Perhaps not everywhere and everybody but there is a behavioral shift going on. Let’s just hope it is not too little to late and those cut workers survive until they can get back to work.

    Also it is damn difficult to get a decent meal on the road these days!!

    Be safe people

  • @approxinfinity We go to the next town, the town I live in doesn’t even have a grocery store. Wal Mart has the order and pay online. Then the put it in your vehicle, but we are only getting like half the stuff we order with shortages. We are hoping to have enough to last a few weeks now. But these kids snack all day lol.

  • @Kubie thanks for the insights. As much as I’m lucky to be able to stay home and wfh in isolation with the family, I feel out of touch and value these types of observations of how it is out there.

  • They are making it as easy as possible to get loans.

  • Here in Topeka at the Walmart’s - -they have as of late this afternoon went to limiting the number of People in the store at one time, they have blocked area’s where non essential buying now is not allowed.

    This morning as I waited for them to open at 7 to buy my groceries it came time at about 6:45 and line started to form by the time the store opened at 7 was about 40 people standing in line - -AND YES there I was wind whipping right in our face ninety to nothing lol freezing my chones off just another in line that is taking place.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Coronavirus Thread: Boy, guys. I really just don't know. Best to keep tabs.:

    Special message from the team

    Sweet. -really solid by the boys, like they say guys , were ALL in this together. Please stay safe , we need you here Next year. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I wish I was closer to you, I would bring you food and supplies.

  • I’ve yet to spot any hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes “in the wild” since mid March…if they’re currently being sold, I’m curious where people are buying them. Same deal with masks. We’re all supposed to be sanitizing and wearing masks…but at least where I am, this stuff hasn’t been available for weeks.

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