Game Day Breakdown - No. 1 Kansas at Kansas State

  • Was watching ESPN this morning at 8:00 and the blip scrolling across the bottom of the screen was all about how they were bolstering more police for the game - - -a large police presence.

    I’ve been saying this , this week the game is just like a smoldering burning brush pile, don’t like it ,don’t like it at all. This thing could get ugly , it could get really ugly really quick. Sure maybe not the players. OR maybe it could. I know it might be pretty hard not to , if a player think there is ANY what they perceive as a cheap shot. - -You know K-State players are going to be playing out of there minds really aggressive just trying to bait the officials, they gonna bitch at every foul called that will in turn just incense these idiot fans of their’s that much more.

    This is a game whee I could see ALOT of players in foul trouble as the ref’s are gonna be blowing whistles every time you turn around trying to keep things under control. I’m seriously concerned about one of our Players getting hurt by some bull shit action of a K-State player or fan/fans

    Am I over reacting? - -I think not , these are legit reasons,/concerns. Ya they better have police control with these idiots. The School/Big12 officials obviously are taking pro cautions for the reasons I mentioned.- -I can just see turning ugly if their not careful. - -and people that are saying oh I want a rowdy crown your just throwing fuel on the fire not very smart thinking. Let’s get this dam thing over with and get the hell out. - -You sit back and watch how things play out when McCormack steps on the court. If there is things that can be thorn - this would be the time anything that could be thrown at a kid - - Watch ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I expect things to be officiated tightly between the lines for the reasons you stated.

    I also think the larger police presence is for the reasons you point out. But I think the police are there to focus more on the crowd than anything else. Anyone that is too rowdy is probably getting the hook. It will be interesting to watch how they handle that, especially since K-State had the incident with the student body blocking Jamari Traylor when they stormed the court a few years back. K-State admin has to make sure nothing like that happens this year because they have no reason not to be prepared this time around.

  • @justanotherfan I’m curious to see how full the crowd is. Superbowl and all that but they reaaaally suck.

  • @BShark said in Game Day Breakdown - No. 1 Kansas at Kansas State:

    @justanotherfan I’m curious to see how full the crowd is. Superbowl and all that but they reaaaally suck.

    I think there would be a drop off if not for the way the last game ended. A lot of KSU fans see this as a chance to get back at KU for what they perceived as disrespect. KU will likely pull away, which is actually what worries me because the fans could get really hostile if this turns into a blow out.

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