Tourney prediction time already?!?

  • We are very capable of winning it all. No doubt.

    But until I see a weakness in Baylor… I still think Baylor should be favored to win it all. Maybe my opinion changes after Saturday.

    I’ve thought that Drew’s lack of experience in winning big games would be a factor but I’m not sure how much he is coaching his players over his players coaching him. He has such a great group of experienced players and players just playing with old man wisdom. These guys have great composure and they stay focused on efficiency.

    Hope I am proven wrong.

  • I hate being picked by the “experts”. It’s a curse for us.

  • Baylor is unbeatable.

    Until Saturday.

  • Bilas also picked us.

  • There is one definite way we can beat Baylor this Saturday and in March.

    Devon has been playing better… free from injury. If he ups his aggression on offense and takes over the game. He hits the open trey or he drives to the rim and finishes. Or… he makes the perfect assist. He has to take over the game and produce extreme offensive efficiency. Clear out and give him space. Make Baylor adjust. What would they do? Weakside help? Devon can drive through two defenders. If he thinks he is pro material he needs to show he’s a play maker and can control a game. Take this team on his back and beat down the top team in the country on their home court. Now that will get the NBA scouts attention!

  • @drgnslayr I have no doubt about his game, it’s his size at the next level that gives me doubts. The NBA seems to be going in the direction of bigger guards. Actually, kind of always has been.

  • Best chance to win in March is to get good matchups. Predictions this time of year, when the possible matchups are not narrowed, is pretty much just entertainment.

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