• Andrew Wiggins has been traded to the Warriors for D’Angelo Russel.


    I’m excited for Wiggins. Hope the change of scenery gets him going.

  • GS hoping Wiggins can fill the Iggy role. Slash and cutter, catch and shoot 3 guy, good wing defender.

  • The culture and stability could help Andrew a lot. He’s gone through, what, like 4 coaches at Minnesota? And who are the players he had to look up to on the Timberwolves? Jimmy Butler? Kevin Garnett? Steph and Klay are more laid back, and probably better role-models for a player like Wiggins, and Kerr is probably a better coach for him.

    We’ll see, though. Wiggins’ biggest issue has always been his motor. I’m not sure any change of scenery is going to help with that.

  • I think he’ll fit into the Warriors offense well. He’s definitely like a young Iguodala.

  • This is a fantastic opportunity for Wiggins. Winning culture. Returning stars. Rest of season to be the man.

    D-Lo was a bad fit. What the Warriors needed was Durant. Wiggins is one of the few humans on the planet with a ceiling that can match the size and athleticism of Durant. I really really hope he succeeds. Couldn’t ask for a better chance.

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