Is Trae Young No Longer a Ball Hog?

  • …Ben Simmons taking all of Philly’s shots, Young distributing the wealth for Atlanta…


  • one thing is I think Jo , Jo is just coming back from a hand injury I believe or hasn’t been back very long, noticed he has only played like 6 minutes so that for one might be part of the reason for Simmons , trying to work Jo , jo back in little bit at a time -not sure.

  • 9 assists that early is impressive! 1/3 of his teams shots too, so still a ball hog. Lol

  • @approxinfinity He did average 8.7 assists per game in college. No apparent game plan by Lon to incorporate that into any cohesive winning strategy, though. Chances are his pro teammates have made it clear that they want to make buckets too, and did so in a convincing way other Sooners were not allowed to raise because of the coach ceding Trae the key.

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