• No not the pizza!

    Let’s talk about the Domino affect if Calipari leaves Kentucky for the Lakers this summer. I mean they just resigned Mitch Kupchak, so it’s not out of the realm of reality that they would do something stupid again.

    OK so Cal leaves, who gets the Kentucky job? Who wants it?

    They need a big name, Smart of VCU? I don’t know, but how will the domino’s fall if the first one is tipped over by Rex Chapman?

  • @JRyman Since you asked…it’s a very good off season question and fodder for ball.

    Hmm…maybe and this is a big maybe, but could Sean Miller be interested? You’d think the zona job would be sufficient enough brand, etc…but the $$ would be bigger. He might consider it to get more money from zona?

    This is a big swing…but could they consider Kurtis Townsend? BIG SWING…but possible. I don’t think they would risk going after an assistant of another program.

    COuld they go with an accomplished coach of a lesser program, Jay Wright? Hoiberg? Hoiberg would be huge for uk and dangerous.

    Mike Anderson and Rick Barnes could be possible candidates.

    How about any former KU alums? Tad Boyle? Could they go with a lesser coach in the NBA, like a Jacque Vaughn?

    They could go after a dookie too, like a Tommy Amaker or even Johnny Dawkins did a hellava job at Stanford.

    There’s some great candidates and also don’t forget Pelphrey and Ford too. Where are some of the uk alums that are either out of the NBA or on their way out?




    Lorenzo Romar would be an ironic candidate after Calipari stole Terrance Jones.

  • @JRyman

    Now that we’ve all had a good laugh on this one…

    Chapman has already backed off his claim.

    And I was thinking he hated Calipari like the rest of sane people living outside of Kentucky… wrong… I bet, now, he was in cahoots with Calipari on this one.

    It was an inside job.

    And why would Calipari want this rumor out there? It was a play to drain the UK coffers of more money.

    This was generated by Cal. It came right before the game to help run protection from others think Cal was behind it, because what upstanding coach would orchestrate a high profile rumor right before tip-off?

    And let’s get real… it didn’t impact their play because all those who played will be leaving Kentucky after the game anyways.

    It did seem fishy from the word go…

    I credit Calipari for being the best recruiter in college basketball… he also isn’t too bad at self promotion!

    And the quick write up on Chapman’s Wiki page that happened seconds after he released the statement? Wasn’t that just a bit too quick? More like contrived… to temporarily make Chapman look bad. It will, eventually, be updated and removed or reduced to nothing. Chapman and Calipari will have some kind of “make up” and everything will be bright and blue with the Big Blue Nation once again.

    Let’s get real… the NBA isn’t looking for Calipari. His record in the league stunk and he just didn’t show signs like he could turn it around… in fact… he was with the Nets when Kobe Bryant entered the draft in 1996… and Calipari didn’t pick Kobe… instead going for Kerry Kittles. So you can just imagine all the love Kobe still has for Calipari. Then bring him in as his coach? Ain’t gonna happen.

    People were not going to disown Chapman anytime soon… he was from Kentucky and was a star at Kentucky. This was all a conspired plan in attempt to up Calipari’s Big Blue salary.

  • @drgnslayr Nailed it!

    I do think there was some genuine interest from the Nets a year ago or so (whenever that was). I don’t think his previous stint in the league would detract all suitors. I mean, look at Pete Carroll for the Seahawks. Stunk his first time around, killed it at USC, bailed just before all the sanctions hit, and we all know what he’s done with the Seahawks.

    Or if you don’t put much stock in that comparison, at least I think Prokhorov is that much of a maverick/that eccentric to consider such a hire.

  • @JRyman

    Who gets the Kontucky job?

    Whoever Nike wants to have it.

  • @drgnslayr Great theory. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the GM of the team pick the players? Im sure the coach has a “say” but to actually pick players in the draft? Im not sure they have that kind of power. I mean maybe Phil Jackson might have that kind of sway. But, Calipari? I don’t buy it.

  • @Lulufulu85

    I just read something about Calipari decided for Kittles and that was the decision made. My source could have been wrong.

    All teams are different. Some try picking from upper management, but the coaches always play a role in designing a team. Management has to be involved, too. I think they often have combinations of agents, lawyers, deal makers, etc… especially when they are just picking a player or players to leverage. Then you hear about these multi-player trades. Those deals must be really involved and require many minds working on them. They put present-day valuations on contracts, and apply different values for new contracts.

  • I doubt Cal leaves. He has a pretty secure job at UK and the Lakers are currently a mess, with little chance to change that in the future given their salary cap situation.

    If Cal were to leave, I would bet it would be to a job that has him coaching some of his former players - New Orleans comes to mind as a possible landing spot should he decide to ply his trade in the pros.

  • @justanotherfan The Pelicans need more than a coach. They seem to be a farm team for the rest of the NBA.

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