Ok , might be a touchy question but. Still asking

  • So , I’ve got this question , and even though some might make a take and think it’s based off today. - -NO it’s not just based off today, today is part but not just today.

    So the question being as of today - - to this point of the year off what we have seen , Do you guys think that Devon has improved his game enough - -that much to be ready to make that jump to the NBA next Season? - -The NBA gave him things to work on and improve on. I don’t see that improvement to where he should or could make that move.

    One of the things the NBA told him he needed to work & improve on was his outside shooting. - -Has he made that improvement ? -the answer is No he hasn’t - his outside shooting is sill suspect. - Were not talking the little below the key shooting - -not the 5-7 foot floaters - -I’m talking the 15-20 foot jumpers. - the improvement is not there very inconsistent. - - The NBA told him he need to work on and improve on taking better care of the ball. - -Has he improved in that ? - - I would say very questionable -for sure not NBA quality of taking care -careless, loose with the ball at times for sure.

    Should he enter the NBA draft next season ? - - At this point seeing his performance - at this point with what he has done -I would say he should NOT declare. - -Curious, I don’t see it

  • In the few screen and rolls he gets at Kansas there is basically no threat of a pick and pop so the read actions are less.

    If I’m him I’d declare. Keep working on the jumper and then work hard on screen and roll action in the G-League. It did wonders for Devonte.

  • I’ve got a 45-60 pick grade on him. Love his toughness and speed, but he has a ways to go as a consistent shooter. If NBA teams give him the same grade I’d come back.

  • Seeing how both Frank abd DG went in the second round, I’d say he has very little shot to go first round. I think Dotson was ahead of Frank as a freshman but he’s not national POY Frank as a senior by a long shot IMO. I fault no one that goes and gets picked in the first round because they are guaranteed a 3 year contract. If he leaves I’d be worried he’ll bounce around the G league and end up across the pond in Europe playing after a middle second round pick.

  • G-League is getting closer and closer to a true minor league. It no longer has the stigma it used to to real NBA guys.

  • I wouldn’t pick him at this point, he really needs to show more. Dotson’s potential as an nba player is low due to his short stature and lack of athleticism. He’s not a great decision maker or ball protector yet either. I hope it clicks real soon, because he’s gone ready or not at the end of the year based solely on the way he yearned for it at last years combine.

  • Banned

    I don’t think the nba really cares. Sure they’ll tell a player they need to work on this or that. Yet at the end of the day if the kid has the goods he will get drafted. So many unpolished kids get drafted every year. I guess I would ask the question is any kid really ready to make that leap to the NBA. I would say no. The NBA is just a different type of game.

  • It’s tough to improve in college, honestly.

    Devon is exceptionally quick, so when he comes off screens at the college level, if he’s even with a guy, the right play is to continue to the basket for a layup. That’s just the right play. So even though he needs to work on his jumper, because he can beat guys off the dribble with such ease at the college level, the right play is the layup. That doesn’t help him improve his jumper.

    And that’s the thing with potential NBA guys. The things they do best are more than enough to dominate at the college level. Devon is working on making the correct read, and the correct read more often than not in college will be to continue his drive because he has his man beat on that screen.

    The NBA doesn’t so much care about college hoops because the guys they are targeting are already better than the collegiate competition. That’s why the G-League has started gaining so much momentum. Teams need a better evaluation tool than the college game offers. Look at the schedule KU has had this season so far. There are maybe four games out of eleven that are worth evaluating as an NBA scout - Duke, Dayton, Colorado, and Villanova. The rest of those games are basically worthless for evaluation purposes at the pro level.

    @DoubleDD is right. It’s just a different game. Higher talent level. More complex schemes. More demanding overall.

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