Trae Young - How good is he?

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    I thought I would understand by this point whether Trae Young is great or not. But I still can’t decide. It’s maddening. I watch a highlight reel of his 49 points in this last loss, and its very creative shots, but it’s all iso.

    Then I look at the box score, and either his team just sucks, or it feels like they play down around him. His line is great.

    Is Trae Young a kid that could be second wheel to someone else and still score like he scores? Will he find himself a cast of players that mesh well with his game?

  • @approxinfinity

    9 TO’s, 6 assists. If a lot of TO’s came on passes, the team might still be figuring out how to mesh with him.

    It took awhile for the Kings to get shooters who could convert Nate Archibald’s assists. But if Trae is just passing badly, or losing dribbles while being spectacular, he needs to ratchet it down.

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