This commentator's view of last night's ending makes everything even stranger.

  • wissox said:

    See you KUBuckets, it’s been real. One person here wrecks it for me. I’ll check back in 6 months see if it’s any better. I’ll miss ya’ll, but…It’s just not worth it.

    You better not leave. I might have to come up there to Wisconsin with my hunting dog and sniff you out! It doesn’t get pretty after that!

    I’m a comedian now so I can say whatever I want! Damn! Never felt this free before! Maybe someday I can actually say something hilarious and earn my badge!

    Seriously… for my sanity, stick around and just be you!

  • let me just say this on this whole DAM thing. - - you don’t like me ? - -that’s , cool – that’s fine - you don’t have to. I am sure your not the only one. Again that’s cool that’s fine – they don’t have to - -I’ll be just fine.

    Thing is people that really know me , Know I’m gonna say what I feel - - -I’m gonna say what I think. - -I’m not some kind of suck up - -kiss ass that follows the leader like a little lost pup. - -If I don’t agree with something that is being said - -Then I’m going to let you know – I don’t agree - That MY CHOICE - -see that’s what sweet about America - - This Nation gives us freedom of Speech - - Freedom of Expression- - gotta love this Nation for that.

    This is a forum , a discussion market. - people aren’t gonna agree on things - -see that’s the difference I can take heat - -but I also will throw it back - -so you wanna get into that -and get away from what the topic is - then so be it. - - You respect me - - -I’ll respect you - -You wanna talk to me like a piece of crap - -talk your smack then we can do that too. – In order to get respect - -you give respect. - You dis-respect me - -I;m gonna dis respect you - -plain and simple - -end of story

    Hell you can even boot me out of here - it’s ok - -I’ll be fine - -AND it will just prove my point that being unless you wanna suck ass - -kiss up and not give your true opinion - the n it’s oh no we can’t have that - so either way - -it’s all good.

    Yet one thing you WON’T see me do is run - and make remarks about how your leaving. - -I’ll put my big boy pants on and take it like an adult – I don’t have time for JR High games - that’s been long time ago - -I’m going to continue to speak how I feel - -when I feel - -where I feel & Why I feel - take it – or leave it - -either way I’m gonna sleep just fine.

    Again I KNOW there are people here that don’t like me - - -to which I’ll respond – -AND ? - -The Sun still gonna come up in the East - - and still sit in the West - Hell there are people on here that RUIN it for me too - but it is what it is -I’m not leaving because of that - -boot me out? - -Go ahead - -either way I’ll still sleep just fine - There are some really informational people on here - -that makes it nice - - then on the OTHER hand - - -

    So now go ahead blast away knock yourself out - - that gets you off then by all means - - I’ll be right here - -we can continue with this bullshit - - OR we can get on with the forum - -where people can speak how they really feel/think and not worry about stepping on someone’s toes. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @drgnslayr @wissox I second it. Don’t let one person ruin it for you. We disagree often but we show respect. Hang in with us, could be a special year, want to share it w/you!

  • BShark said:

    You can block people. Makes their posts complete invisible.

    Hey! It works! I just blocked Washington DC! No more asinine politics until after the election! …or better, EVER!

    X - Funny

    X - Not Funny

    I gotsta know!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @drgnslayr @wissox I second it. Don’t let one person ruin it for you. We disagree often but we show respect. Hang in with us, could be a special year, want to share it w/you!

    Wish I could see some of what you talk about. - - - RESPECT. - -again you give respect - -you get respect

  • @jayballer73 I have read Kubuckets for several years and no one has been more disrespectful than you.

  • @jayballer73

    I’m pointing this at you because you need to be recruited in as a comedian in order to even think about free speech! You shouldn’t be disliked for speaking freely. But heck, might as well be liked, so make someone smile and then try to borrow as much money as you can from them!

    Comedian’s Daily Oath

    1. Say “Richard Pryor” 100 times every morning before you start your illustrious day!

    2. Pay homage to Jaybate for blessing us with his wit and ability to sneak out of here like he was sneaking out of town.

    3. At least once a year, travel to Manhattan and Columbia and clog a public toilet with crimson and blue anything.

    4. Realize that no one is ever going to give you that ultimate respect you thought you deserved, so furgettaboutit and be satisfied making them smile once in a while. Anyways, it will go further with people… being respected is now officially BORING! (ask my kids)

    5. Wear a pink speedo at your next pool party. Thankfully, that probably won’t happen for another half a year so feel free to work on your physique for 6 months. Physique? I meant psyche…

    6. Make up anything you like here and do it… you are now FREE for the first time in your life!

    But seriously… or not… it’s best to keep natives of Wisconsin happy. After all, their mascot name is “Badgers” and I don’t think you want to be badgered for the rest of your life! Or deal with the infamous Wisconsin “Karma Kurse”… choking to death on a chunk of cheese! Where do you think the franchise “Chuck E Cheese” came from?

    Teflon… I’m wearing teflon!

  • chase said:

    @jayballer73 I have read Kubuckets for several years and no one has been more disrespectful than you.

    Thank you Chase

  • You guys can block each other if it’s irreparable.

  • approxinfinity said:

    You guys can block each other if it’s irreparable.

    Nice new feature.

  • Last night’s Monday Night Football’s pregame segment “C’mon Man!” featured a basketball segment for the first time. Of course it was the finish to the Monmouth game. They were howling with laughter.

  • approxinfinity said:

    You guys can block each other if it’s irreparable.

    Is that a new feature?

    It already looks so nice lol

  • @wrwlumpy oh geez, I missed the pregame. Now the jokes on us?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I missed it too, but there’s only one dude with egg on his face after that deal and it isn’t Tristan.

  • If the team that is up has shown they are no longer trying to score (especially since people get upset with the winning team for running up the score), then the losing team should respect the fact that they are dribbling the clock out.

    Does it really matter? No, it was irrelevant in the grand scheme of everything.

    But the whole thing is, if Enaruna goes hard to the rim there and dunks on someone, everyone is crushing KU for doing that up 55 points with less than 10 seconds left. So Enaruna dribbles it out and this guy decides he wants to be a rec league legend or something. That’s my only issue. Enaruna is supposed to just dribble it out.

  • @justanotherfan

    To me, it’s either you’re a class act or you’re a dick.

    OR - you’re a class act named Dick.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 They weren’t giving us a hard time … the “come on, man” segment is related to things folks do that make you shake your head. They focused on the Monmouth player, with it being a stupid move. Basically, down 55 and you do that, and trash talk afterward? Come on, man.

  • @HighEliteMajor oh good!

  • @drgnslayr etiquette means respect, humility and proper demeanor, not political correctness. That could not be further from the truth. Duesh boy failed miserably on all of those accounts.

  • @wissox I have the utmost respect for you, however, I would bet the house the idea of making spectators smile never entered his mind. It was all pride and arrogance and male ego. To echo our fearless leader HCBS, it was a dick move and an unimpressive one at that.

  • @wissox Now come on boys, play nice! Look at the continued dissension Duesh boy is causing by his idiotic act!

  • @Fightsongwriter

    I just don’t let anyone get my goat. I deal with quite a few people who by anyone’s standards would be judged as rude. I’m at the point where I don’t even sense rudeness.

    I think by floating above the fray you become invincible and you remove power away from those who intentionally use rudeness to gain power.

    I have humility. I know I’ve been rude plenty of times in my life. Usually it was situational; felt bad or whatever. So I forgive those who are rude, even if they qualify as being “general schmucks.”

    The biggest teflon you can have is a sense of humor. Karma is a biatch and for those with intent it always backfires. I merge sadness (why anyone intentionally lives in misery) with joy (seeing karma play out) and I stay balanced through it all. After all, it’s someone else’s flawed energy, let them keep it!

    Soar high, my friend!

  • Great approach @drgnslayr wish i could do more of what you are doing.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    It has taken me a few decades to figure this out and actually practice it. And I still have moments of weakness. If you can put it into practice even just a bit, you will see the rewards and it will help you stick with it. Life is too short to get stuck in all the drama. Keep drama in a theater, where it belongs!

    Have a great day!

  • @wissox You are important to this site, and contribute alot. Don’t sign off.

  • Marco said:

    @wissox You are important to this site, and contribute alot. Don’t sign off.


  • Marco said:

    @wissox You are important to this site, and contribute alot. Don’t sign off.

    Fo Shizzle

  • I actually thought that dunk by Papas at the end of the Monmouth game was pretty damn funny, so I’d like to revise my testimony during the Monmouth game thread where I called it a “Dick Move” (which was meant to be a joke) but I forgot the “quotes” and the LOL afterwards. Ask my wife. I literally laughed out loud when it happened.

    I’m siding with @wissox on this one. I can’t read @jayballer73’s posts because of all the hyphens, but if he’s trying to drunk pick a fight on a friendly sports board, whatever.

  • @DanR to late you can’t change your mind!🤣

  • I had no idea this was a national talking point…and the conversation rages on. Truly a dick move to get 5 million clicks. Lol attaboy!!!

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