MANNING: Does He Stay or Does He Go?

  • Jason King ‏@JasonKingBR · 14h

    Sources told @BleacherReport Wake offered Manning on Monday. Tulsa countered w/ offer to double salary & let him use charter plane 2 recruit.

    Interested to see what people think is going to happen.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Whatever I say will be wrong, but my gut feeling is he stays. Danny is a loyal guy and I think he will stay for a few more years.

  • Stays two more years. Then Evan will be out of school and working somewhere and will allow Danny to pick up and move wherever he wants v

  • He takes the job. He would be out of his mind to not take it.

  • Amazing how little time it took Danny at Tulsa to raise his stock!

    I think the right decision will be whatever he chooses, because Danny thinks out his decisions carefully.

    Whatever he does… good luck, Danny!

  • Happy for Danny as either way he is in a better position today. IMHO he is the obvious choice to follow Self. That being said I hope Self stays at KU for a long time.

  • Only one thing pops in my head on this thread -

  • @drgnslayr Same for me when I was typing the headline. Thanks for the bringing back great memories. The Clash made their video for Rock The Casbah here in Austin, TX in 1982 and played at The City Coliseum ($10 for the ticket!).

    The Clash made low-budget music videos for several of their songs, and the one for “Rock the Casbah” may be their most memorable. Filmed in Austin, Texas, it depicts an Arab, played by Austin actor Titos Menchaca, and a Hasidic Jew, played by local stage director Dennis Razze, befriend each other on the road and skanking together through the streets to a Clash concert at Palmer Auditorium, often followed by an armadillo, interspersed with the band performing in front of an oil well.

    The U.S. Air Force became an unwitting participant in the video. Two RF-4C aircraft landing at Bergstrom Air Force Base (near Austin) from the east are featured in the portion of the video with the lyrics “the King called out his jetfighters”.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    I am well aware of the “Rock The Casbah” video… it is, by far, my favorite all-time music video! I was, and am, a huge Clash fan! Always loved the British invasion… especially punk!

    Thanks… I had no idea they made this video down in Austin. Did you catch them live? I never did, and I regret that.

  • Always loved the British invasion… especially punk!


    Im more of a Rolling Stones guy, but I do like the Clash, The Moody Blues, The Kinks. Love Clapton along with Cream. Steve Winwood who got his start in the Spencer Davis group at age 14.

  • @drgnslayr Yes when they played here in 1982 and remains one of my top 2, second only to Bob Marley at Hoch Auditorium!

  • @JRyman

    Found a couple of links that relate… first… on The Clash website, a complete run down of their entire tour history.

    And it shows the concert you were talking about, with a link for people who went to the concert to mingle and share photos.

    Wow… sweet… Bob Marley! Never caught him either, but would have liked to. My music interests are extremely broad, and all the bands you mention I am a big fan of, too.

  • @drgnslayr I am right there with you both of you.

    Love Marley, have seen Metallica three times in concert. Want to see Zac Brown band and the Eagles this year. But I like a lot and my wife hates my playlist they are all over the place.

    The BoDeans are a favorite of mine saw them in concert a few years back, great show. Nickleback are showman, they put on a good show too.

  • I love that clash song and video-thanks for the info it was made in Austin. As for my favorite concert I have to go with my first -sentimental for me- A frat was trying to get me to join and invited me and my gal to Lawrence to see The Beach Boys in Allen Field House. As for Clapton- and Cream- man that takes me back.

  • @JRyman You remind me of me. My car radio stations are all over the place just like my music collection. makes me look like I have split personalities.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I have presets, but I usually just hit the search button for the next station to come in and see what’s playing.

    That or it’s on AM listening to sports talk. But in the fall I have to listen to music here in Omaha cause I can’t stand the Husker talk all the time!!!

  • Back in the late '70s I spent a summer in London and Reading. Punk was where it was at… it was all about young people intentionally bucking the system because their government was trying to kick them off welfare. They were forced to seek employment (most for the first time) so they went for outrageous, shocking looks to make sure they weren’t hired and allowed to keep their welfare.

    Can’t say I ever agreed with them on that part… but I enjoyed all the expressionism of the times. And it help pave the way for a music revolution, we call “punk rock.”

    I saw some totally insane things. 4-ft high hair spikes… studded everything, from clothing to skin. Also real spikes… spikes became huge and people were having spikes implanted all throughout their faces.

    Total insanity.

  • @JRyman The opening band for Bob Marley was an all white guy reggae band out of KC named Pat’s Blue Riddim Band and my brother was best friends with their manager, who was the one to get Bob there. Man it was heaven. PBR got sued by Pabst beer and had to change their name to just Blue Riddim Band. Only band to get a call back at The Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. Those were the days. Have their albums still and play them often.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Love Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and the Wailers…and UB40…they made reggae music popular.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Saw Jimmy Cliff last year here in Austin during SXSW and he signed all 4 of my albums. The Harder They Come The Harder They Fall is all time classic.

    Keep my Sirius radio just for The Joint. Marley Mondays has a Bob song every hour.

  • Back to the Manning to Wake Forest initial subject. The ACC is a tough, non-forgiving conference to coach, many experienced coaches have come and gone. Maybe Danny needs more experience before moving to the ACC???

  • I’ve always been of the belief that you don’t move into a conference at a second or third tier program.

    Yes, Tobacco Road has a lot of basketball tradition and draw, etc. But Wake Forest is always going to be the fourth (or fifth, or sixth) choice for the better players in that area. Manning is better off succeeding at Tulsa and moving to a better program than he would be to try and resurrect Wake in the ACC when you already have Duke, UNC and NC State as your instate challenges, plus Virginia and Syracuse as conference challenges and Kentucky and Tennessee breathing down your neck as well.

    There’s a reason that Wake has struggled so much. I don’t think he can expect to even the playing field with UNC and Duke as long as Williams and Coach K are around, which means he’s no better than the third choice in his own state, and that’s assuming he can surpass NC State.

  • @RockChalkinTexas My dad has lived in Austin (Round Rock) for about 30 years. I lived there for one year in 1978 and then moved to Houston for 9 years.

    I miss Texas …:(

    Austin is such a fun town (except for the #$%^&^*^ traffic!). I’ve spent a lot of time in Nashville and the two towns are very similar to me. Good food, good music, good fun. And pretty women.

    Anyway - as long as we’re on the music theme - a few years ago when my son went off to college he told me he was going to a concert in Kansas City. I asked who he was going to see and he told me " BUCKETHEAD ". When I quit laughing, I told him it was his money - knock yourself out. Have any of you guys/gals heard Buckethead?? Holy Smokes - the dude is a guitar savant - really, really good!

    So, I recommend “Buckethead” and “That One Guy” as some outside the box, very good entertainment and cool music.

  • D. Manning isnt any more ready to “coach KU” than Mark Turgeon is.

    Meanwhile, in JayhawkLand, I cannot wait to see all our youngsters come back for Year2, bigger, smarter, better, and actually capable of playing lock-down D. New rules/schmules! Look at the D that Wisc, KY, UConn, and FL are able to play under the “new rules”. Also, the “rules” enforcement noticeably backed-off after the first month of this season. “Arm bar” calls still existed, but were greatly lessened…while “charge” calls returned to the levels of TyshawnTaylorDays… (well, ya cant screw up your advertising $$$ by e-x-t-e-n-d-i-n-g the games into other games/programs’ time slots…) Now we’ve heard more nonsense about “4point line” possibly…What? How about quit dickin’ with the rules? Or shall we start up different denominations based on how various groups of people want to ‘interpret’ the NCAA rulebook? Cant leave well-enough alone. Funny that money-related complaints (from advertisers who were ‘sold’ a particular time slot) actually caused a practical reversal of the new rules…nobody cared what the coaches and fans thought. I know Self, Izzo, Kryzyewski, B1G coaches in general were NOT fans of the rule…while Ole Roy loved the new rules (“shucks, they’r finally gonna let my finesse guys play!”). Meanwhile, in Jayhawkland, the new rules still didnt do enough to help Perry Ellis…(zing!)…

  • He gone!!!

  • " Whatever I say will be wrong, but my gut feeling is he stays. Danny is a loyal guy and I think he will stay for a few more years."

    What I meant by that is - HE’S GONE.

  • While I am very happy for Manning’s success, part of me thinks he might not be quite ready for the position. Wake Forest has had success in the past (Tim Duncan Years) and as recent as 2009 when they finished tied for 2nd in the ACC. The last 4 year have not be good and fans are very upset and expecting quick success, which is not easy in basketball crazy North Carolina.

    This is a catch-22 situation. Opportunities like this don’t come often to a coach with only 2 years of Division I head coaching experience; on the other hand, if his tenure at Wake Forest does not go well, it might damage his future chances and he might end up back as an assistant at KU.

  • Congrats to Danny. Wish him all the success at Wake.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Part of me wonders if he is ready for the jump to a “BCS school” as well, but a bigger part of me thinks he’ll do fine. I’m not saying he’s a HOFer yet, but he had the privilege of playing under Larry Brown & coaching with Bill Self - can’t get better teachers/mentors than that!

    @ralster - agreed that Manning isn’t any more ready to coach KU than Turgeon is. The difference is, imo, is that Turgeon will never be ready. He’s plateaued. I thought that when he was at aTm. He’s definitely been at BCS schools long enough to where if he was going to get much better he would have by now. It remains to be seen where Danny will end up when he hits his coaching ceiling.

    Regardless, the thing that a lot of people don’t take into consideration is that Danny & Self are about the same age. So unless Bill cuts his tenure at KU short (the oft-speculated NBA allure perhaps), there’s not going to be much left in the coaching hourglass for Danny at KU by the time Bill leaves.

    And to both of you, just saw this on a reaction from Seth Greenberg to the Danny hire, look at what Kevin Ollie has done at UConn already. If he can get them to a Final 4 in what…2 years, why not Danny?

  • @icthawkfan316 I agree … I’m not a Turg fan when comes to a being a possible successor.

    If Manning is successful and can recruit, then he’ll be the logical guy with KU connections.

    Tad Boyle seems to be one to keep our collective eyes on as well.

    But if Stevens flounders a bit in Boston, and is ready to come back to the college ranks, that’s interesting too.

  • @icthawkfan316

    You cannot compare what Ollie inherited and what Manning is walking into. Last losing season at UConn was in 1986 and it was National Champion as recently as 2011. Wake Forest has 4 losing season in a row and plays in a tough conference where he has to compete for recruits with the likes of with UNC, Duke and NC State…and those are just the other in-state schools.

    If he can succeed at Wake Forest he can success just about anywhere. Best of luck to Danny.

  • It’s all a matter of expectations. Danny walks into a place where if he makes the NIT, it will be a step up. He would’ve been crazy not to take the position.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Sure you can compare. Is it apples to apples? No, but there are enough similarities that we can compare. You listed the difference in the programs’ success. So in that respect, yes the Wake job is a tougher gig. However, consider Ollie had 2 years asst. head coaching experience and no head coaching experience. In this respect, Danny has the edge. He should be more ready to coach & recruit in his first year at a BCS school than Ollie was his first year at UConn.

    Also, Wake’s success isn’t so far in the rear view mirror that it is irrelevant. Bzdelik’s 4 years were disastrous, but prior to that they were in the NCAA tournament. They have superstars in the NBA with which to point to with their tradition. It doesn’t compare to UConn, but let’s not make UConn more than what they are. UConn is/was a lot like Duke, in that all of their success had been under one coach (Calhoun). When he left, it wasn’t a guarantee that the school would continue to succeed. You point to the ACC being tough as a drawback for the Wake job, but I look at UConn’s situation - the crumbling of the Big East and move to the American, which will be less of a television draw as it does not have near the luster of the old Big East (and is losing Louisville after this year) and thus less of a recruiting draw - and that’s not ideal. And with the schools the American is now bringing in - Tulsa, East Carolina, etc. - it has the chance to be more of a fringe conference, like the old conference USA. Basically, the UConn job wasn’t, and still isn’t, foolproof. In this respect, at least Wake is on stable ground in the ACC. It’s more of an uphill climb, but it can be done.

    I would agree the UConn job is a more attractive gig. No doubt about it. But to say the comparison of coaches has no merit I think is incorrect. Manning will have different challenges than those Ollie has, but I can definitely see him succeeding there.

  • Roy got to go back to Carolina and we were mad. We’re not mad at Danny and he might want to go back home also. While he was coaching at Kansas, he was called the best Big Man coach in the country. He will recruit the great Bigs on the East Coast. He knows Bill’s high/low offense and has taught Bill’s Defense philosophy for 6 years. He’ll coach against Roy and coach K with a much better lineup. If he ever does replaces Bill at KU I hope he will have had the experience that the ACC offers and the national attention he’ll receive. Whatever you decide Danny, you are a rich man again.

  • @icthawkfan316

    Ict, I think you made my point. Yes, the success of UConn is based on Jim Calhoun, but he was at UConn since 1986, that is a long, long time, 26 years. And look at what Ollie inherited, a program 3 years removed from the National Championship, and plenty of quality returning players and he will be playing in the AAC which as you said might end up being a fringe conference. Yes, the pieces were in place for Ollie to succeed.

    Manning is coming to a program with 4 straight losing seasons, no quality players (to speak of) coming back, fans with high expectations, and will be playing in a conference that will be loaded with good teams and likely will be the premier basketball conference. Not the ideal setup for success.

    What I am/was saying is/was that the stars were aligned a lot better for Ollie that they are for Manning. Ollie stepped in into situation geared up for success, Manning not so much. If Manning can turn Wake into a consistent winner, then he can succeed anywhere. Maybe we are agreeing but just using different terms.

  • @HighEliteMajor -Copy & paste from earlier on a diff thread.

    Water’s deep in the ACC.

    Danny’s going against some heavy hitters very early in his journey. Recruiting is brutal vs Roy & Konsonants. Turg had a rough time there & may do better in the BG 10. Would’ve liked to see him hold & further secure the fort at Tulsa a couple more years, but is possible he’s posturing/grooming for the job here. That’s something I can envision for real if he’ very successful there-Lawrence is his home. What we don’t know can’t hurt us I guess but wish him all the best & fair wind in the sails at Wake. Again JMO.

  • Manning had to go. He was too old to wait. He has to be from a major to get to a blue blood. He was ignored for a lot of years by Roy and probably wants a piece of him before Roy retires. Also North Carolina’s population divided by four majors is still better recruiting than Oklahoma’s population divided by two majors and Tulsa. Finally, he has to think of his assistants; that’s part of the professional code. It will be much easier for his assistants to get coaching jobs having assisted at a major, than at a mid-major. add it all up and he has to go.

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