What's the season looking like?

  • This whole thing has tarnished, maybe justifiably, maybe, hopefully not, this upcoming season. We are talking about anything other than the 2019-2020 version of KU basketball which really sucks since after such a long off season and with a bitter loss to end the last we were certainly looking forward to getting back to our usual place as a dominant team in the league and the land.

    I’m glad you all have kept up with the ins and outs of everything, I kind of lurk, not reading every little tidbit, but I’m really wondering what’s your prediction for this season? If we’re going to get hammered I wish it’d happen soon, which I know it won’t. Then we can at least start the rebuilding process.

    But more likely, we’ll have this cloud hanging over us all season. Are we in deep trouble or not? We’ll have to endure taunts of opposition. Stay off social media at least as it relates to KU basketball is my advice! Might players have a sudden disinterest in giving it their all?

    I’m not looking forward to it to be honest. Right or wrong this program is tarnished. It’s going to be a long while for this mess to go away.

    So let’s discuss, what will the 2019-2020 season look like?

  • @wissox I’m going to cheer my hardest and cherish this team! May be awhile before we see another like this one. I’m anxious to see Silvio play and a healthy Dok! I am also eager to see DDot! Can’t wait! Rock Chalk!

  • Got a SQUAD. Might be the last one for a few years so I’m going to enjoy it.

  • Soak 👏🏻 It 👏🏻 Up 👏🏻 !

  • I had similar thoughts to all three of you. I was curious, can postseason bans apply to this coming season at this point?

  • @wissox I highly doubt it, but… hear me out on this… what if we set out De Sousa out of good faith (again). Who here thinks that will help? That way we can argue and say we never suited Preston up and we benched SDS on our own policy demonstrating couch control. Personally I see both sides but lean more towards it not mattering one bit

  • I’m hoping Dotson’s body holds up because he isn’t coming off the floor unless he has to this year or when KU is blowing someone out.

  • @rockchalkwyo At this point, I feel that if we had Wilt, LeBron, Kevin Durant and Superman and set them all out - the NCAA would still snub us.

    I’ve always hated the “whoa is me, why is everybody always picking on me?” attitude, but that’s sure what is happening here.

  • @wissox no way! Silvio is playing!🙏

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 me too. Hopefully somebody can relieve him! He looks incredibly strong too!

  • @rockchalkwyo There was a pretty good article at KUSports which I thought was pretty good, although to be honest, I didn’t understand a good bit of it! It tried to answer a lot of our objections like Preston didn’t play or we sat SDS for a year, but it answered them in NCAA legalese so I got a bit confused. Their point was explaining (I think) how the NCAA will get around those objections.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think you meant someone else with your Silvio is playing comment!

  • @wissox yeah! Sorry.

  • @rockchalkwyo Silvio plays!

  • @wissox Yep, the article you were referring to was kindly posted in the new KU news feeds section of this site -


    The gist of this is… not good for KU. The schools lawyers will fight hard, and as Jay Bilas has recently said in this Kansas City Star article https://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article235447037.html this case may likely go all the way to federal court, and will take a good long while to Resolve, probably earliest in summer 2020.

    So yes, let enjoy this season !! I am sooo looking forward to basketball, and I think this team will circle the wagons no matter what taunts or innuendo or statements thrown at us.

    All you here on this site, may I suggest we circle the wagons too ? Bucketeers agains the world!


  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @rockchalkwyo Silvio plays!

    Haha yes I agree. Unleash the beast!!!

  • @Bosthawk Copy and Paste!

  • I’m going to stock the beer fridge to capacity every week and enjoy this season however it ends up.

    Like I do every year.

    But… this will be the best/most experienced team since 2011-12 (Withey/TRob/SeniorTyshawn/Young/EJ/TravisRel/ etc.) with more depth. TRob and Withey vs. Doke and Silvio. Hmm. plus Senior Mitch to create some havoc and set some killer screens. Tyshawn vs. Dotson. 5 guys to fill the other two spots. No head cases, no OAD players, and shouldn’t be any mid-season suspensions.

    I really, REALLY, like all the returning players. Dotson, Silvio and Doke staying for another year is pretty amazing. Those guys deserve some love. I’m not sure what will happen in the next couple years, but this year has potential to be special.

  • @DanR 🍻 or more like iced tea for me

  • @Crimsonorblue22 As long as it doesn’t have a pound of sugar in it like I had to endure when I lived in Tennessee, I’m fine with iced tea!

  • I always like to temper my expectations, seems like the bigger the hype, the worse we end up most years. I feel like we have a squad that could be pretty salty. I feel like rebounding has been a Achilles heel since Thomas Robinson left to be honest. I know Dedric was solid at it a year ago but we gave some big offensive rebounds several times. I feel like with the likes of Big Dave, Doke and SDS that should be a thing of the past. I think Dotson will be one of the best PGs in the nation and Doke one of the best centers. I’m hoping we take a step forward as a defensive team and think we will, Grimes was one the worst defenders in recent memory. Not trying to pick on him but I believe it to be a factual statement. The big question mark for me is 3 point shooting. We really missed Vick’s fire power after he left last season (over 45% from 3). I think Ochai and Dotson will have both improved there shots. Hopefully the Moss kid is the shooter we believe him to be. We have a good set of bigs but will need some scoring from the outside to be successful.

    In terms of the NCAA violations notice, I would say it puts a big black cloud over our program at this time. There’s really no other way to put it. It could hurt in a number of ways, mostly I’d say recruiting takes the biggest blow but how much will it effect our home court sell out streak? Will it piss off several Alums and booster thus hurting donations? Part of me finds it hard to believe with most the classes we have been getting thats well behind the UKs, Dooks, UNCs and Arizonas on average that we are buying a high number of guys. DTG was ranked in the 40s and FM in the 90s. Hard for any logical person to believe that all the top 25 guys that other schools get year after year aint being bought if thats the case. One of biggest question marks for me going forward is who are the other schools that the NCAA will send notices to? It seemed that the investigation heavily incriminated the likes Arizona and Ok State, 2 NIKE schools. But even though are the first names I can remember hearing when this investigation began. Is there really a tape of Miller talking about paying Ayton 100k? He seemed pretty sure that he was gone from some of his comments at the end of last season. I believe after all the lists came out of players or family of players that go something it was like 60 some odds colleges. That included the likes of Wichita State’s Fred Van Fleet and Dooks Wendell Carter, are any of those schools being investigated by anyone but themselves? Why was Kansas State never investigated after Micheal Beasley former agents claimed his momma was paid and living in a luxury condo while he was attending that school? The common denominator in all of those is that they are Nike or Jordan brand which is division of Nike. Why isn’t Maryland in trouble if they paid SDS’s guardian to come there even if he chose not to? There is a ton holes to this IMO, holes that probably never get filled and never looked at again because one of the top dogs, Kansas is in trouble. The rest of that crap will get swept under the rug after we get an example made of us. At this point if this case has to go before a judge, who isn’t going to see the obvious? That most schools are probably paying guys to play. Our local sports guy wrote in his column that he’d bet a hefty amount that over 75% of D1 programs are guilty of breaking at least a few NCAA rules. Which having the connections I have to some smaller Collegiate programs, I’d say that number is atleast 90%.

    One of my best friends was a NAIA QB, the best in that colleges history by a lot, their Todd Ressing in short. He came from a poor family so he got his rent paid to live off campus for his last 2 years and had strings pulled to pass classes he never attended. That is just one of several NAIA and Juco stories I have of guys that I personally know. I’m a logical man so thinking that if a NAIA level program that generates chicken feed is willing to break a few rules to be good, than most of the better D1 programs where revenues are in the hundreds of millions dollars are most than likely to be doing something against the NCAA bylaws.

    Edit: This also not getting into UNC getting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for having fake classes.

  • We have a Top 10 PG in the country

    We have a Top 10 Big Man in the country (when healthy)

    We can go 8 deep before playing a freshman. Duke, UNC, UK can’t say that.

    Our PG depth is non-existent after McBride quit. Dotson either plays all 40 or Marcus will have to transition some time there.

    Signing Moss has become bigger then I expected. He’s going to play 20-30 minutes a night.

    Agbaji seems like the key player in the starting lineup. If he’s made the next leap (and healthy) look out.

    Very intrigued to see which freshman gets rotation minutes. I think Braun may be the most prepared to give us some backcourt minutes.

    This is a big team, has to be one of the biggest in Self’s tenure.

    Praying the Doke/Silvio duo becomes the bash brothers!

    Ultimately I think how far this team goes depends on the chemistry developed and the ability for these young men to overcome the outside distractions that will be there every step of the way.

    Is it too much to ask for no major injuries? This would be a great time for the injury bug to go somewhere else.

    Definitely going to enjoy this season because it seems inevitable change is coming.

    Rock Chalk

  • What are the odds of SDS returning his senior year? As you can tell from my signature, I’m wishing.

    Or Ochai?

  • rockchalkwyo said:

    What are the odds of SDS returning his senior year? As you can tell from my signature, I’m wishing.

    Or Ochai?

    If there is a postseason ban because of Silvio he’d better stay to see us thru it. No impact recruits will be signing.

  • @dylans Yup. We had his back now it’s time for him to have ours

  • rockchalkwyo said:

    What are the odds of SDS returning his senior year? As you can tell from my signature, I’m wishing.

    Or Ochai?

    Ochai should be back unless he blows up

    SDS is a wildcard

  • Wish I could create a poll like on FB. Good for bragging rights at the end of the season!

  • The NCAA moves too slow for a post season ban this year imo.

  • If Silvio has a chance, self will insist on him going!

  • BShark said:

    The NCAA moves too slow for a post season ban this year imo.

    Ya Norlander and Dodd = both said they don’t think you will see any thing for this season - - said it will be likely in 2020 if there is a ban and or sanctions.

    Long said KU ha their list of allegations/charges - -and now he said KU has 90 days for they’re rebuttal - -said they were going to take they’re time and that the fans are going to have to understand it will be a time we don’t hear anything -KU won’t be able to talk about it - - Self won’t be able to talk about it.

    Said he hopes the KU fans will understand He said people going will be talking a lot about us and he hopes the KU fans knows that we are running the program the right way and fully feel that when it’s done they will win this case.

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