Larry Bird vs. Lebron

  • Some real good discussion on who was the best. I used to hate Bird, but I’ve grown to appreciate him as time has went by. Was he as good as LeBron??? Hmmm…

  • Bird was a better shooter, no doubt.

    Lebron is a better athlete and a better slasher.

    Lebron was a better perimeter defender (particularly earlier in his career). Bird was better in the post before his back betrayed him.

    Hard to say who the better passer was. The video doesn’t give much in the way of separation. I don’t think there’s anything passing wise that one could do in their prime that the other could not have done.

    The overall edge goes to Lebron because of his durability. Bird just can’t match his production over the long haul, but Bird was an ALL TIME great, full stop.

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