Dayton Downs Xcuse!

  • All crew and ships of Task Force 2014: Path cleared for Battle of MIDWAY with Florida’s monster fleet of carriers. Stop.

    Dayton sunk the Syracuse! Stop!

    First serious contact with enemy today vs Stanford. Stop. Stanford’s two BATTLESHIPS must be sunk. Stop.

    KU’s battleship, the Black, and cruisers Ellis and Traylor must carry battle to enemy at all costs NOW! Stop.

    Shake down trial of reserve heavy cruiser Lucas planned for next season canceled, repeat cancelled. Stop. The Lucas must be fitted for action now and rendezvous with Black, Ellis and Traylor for coordinated, two-pronged attack. Stop. Old fashioned surface engagement imminent. Stop. This is NOT a drill, repeat this is NOT a drill! Stop.

    Destroyers Greene and mothballed White being fitted for support defensive duty against 6-7 enemy destroyer plus long range rockets for offensive action. Stop.

    Frigates Tharpe, Mason and Frankamp to come under concentrated, heavy attack first. Stop.

    Destroyer Selden and light cruiser Wiggins to be decisive once battleships and cruisers engaged. Stop.

    This is the break we have been looking for. Stop.

    God’s speed. Stop.

  • A big help indeed for the Jayhawks. And part of me really doesn’t care that it helps us because I can’t stand Syracuse!

    Just hope it doesn’t cause us to lose a little focus today.

    I saw on CBS last night that in the last ten years KU has lost three games to teams seeded 8 places below them or worse. Syracuse and GTown lead the list with four such losses. That’s one record we don’t want to tie today for sure.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Evil record!!!

    I will do some positive visualization to avoid that one!

  • What gets me is that Ku takes a hit all the time for an early exit in the tournament, sure there was Bradley, Bucknell, UNI and VCU. Only two of those were in the first round.

    Recently Duke, has lost in the first round to Lehigh and Mercer along with an 07 loss to VCU in the round of 64. Why don’t they get the moniker or early outs?

    Now to add to it this year the Ohio st university and Duke go out early and Syracuse in the rnd of 32.

    I don’t want to hear how KU doesn’t have to play a single seeded team now til elite 8, cause they don’t seed the teams, they don’t play for other teams. KU wins theirs and when Syracuse looses thats KU’s fault how?

    As much as those early round loses have killed me in the past, it’s the ones to other teams that make me laugh and yet wonder why they don’t get the same scrutiny that KU does???

  • I don’t want to hear how KU doesn’t have to play a single seeded team now til elite 8

    @JRyman I look at it like this - we played our asses off against plenty of single seeded teams all year long, we were due to have a break. By the same token, Shocker fans complaining about how difficult their road is, I look at it as the committee saying “you don’t play anyone all year? Well you’re going to have to play some tough teams now.” Getting sick of hearing Charles Barkley talk about how the committee did WSU such a disservice with that draw. What did he want the committee to do, just clear their path?

    And lest we forget the '08 championship team with their ridiculously cleared path to the Final Four, only to get there and be in the only Final Four with all #1 seeds still standing. It all balances out.

  • @jaybate 1.0 IF we win today. IF we win today, Im a bit nervous about Dayton. More than I would be able Cuse. Dayton is hot right now. I seem to recall we have beaten them before but this is a new team, tournament, year. Nothing counts now except the W. Survive and advance against all odds.

  • @jaybate 1.0 We must run a Recon mission with Awax to pick up any pre game plans they have in the dark against us. Bring in the seals for a dark op.

  • @icthawkfan316 Clearly the seeding doesn’t mean Shiite this year.

  • @wissoxfan83 Eff Gtown. all though that 30 for 30 about the big east and Gtown and StJohns and Cuse I saw was pretty freekin cool

  • @Lulufulu85 Speaking of AWAX, did it not seem that Bill Self’s “ears” had zeroed in on E. Kentucky’s game plan to thwart KU’s pt. guard. Prior to tipoff, Cach tells Frankamp, “Be ready.”

  • @Lulufulu85

    Best respect everything that moves from here on!

  • @REHawk

    Bill must have anticipated well as a player!

  • Love seeing 'Cuse lose. Still bitter about the NC.

  • @icthawkfan316

    Never give an opponent an even break. Ever.

    As Self said, he thought we could get a 1 seed despite 24-9.

    This time of year, we have 63 opponents on the wood and every media person outside Kansas and some inside.

    Use the media card always.

  • And I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  • Note: arbrn wrng &cntrl sys is NOT a paint protector. 😃

  • I’m sad… because I wanted to play SeriousXcuse! They were a fraud all year. They had an easy schedule and won a few close games with lucky shots. Then their perfect record went away and they went 3-6 down the stretch, when it counted… that wouldn’t happen to the real deal.

    Bring Boeheim’s stupid zone our way any day! It’s over-rated!

  • Well…my undergraduate Alma Mater, Dayton does it gain. I was dreading the next round where they would have faced KU much like they did in 2009 when Aldrich had 13 points, 20 rebounds and an unbelievable 10 blocks. Unfortunately, this not going to happen.

    Much like KU, Dayton is a basketball-crazy school with a nice basketball pedigree. In 1967, Dayton lost to UCLA in the NCAA finals; very few school can claim this,

    In 1974, while I was looking for potential colleges, I discovered the University of Dayton. Since I was bound and determined to go away to school, my mother had set up strict guidelines; the school had to be a private, Catholic school with excellent academics. Luckily, most Catholic schools met those requirements but basketball was outstanding at Dayton and Notre Dame in the Midwest and I did not want to stay on the East Coast. In January 1974, Notre Dame led by Adrian Dantley ended UCLA’s 88 game wining streak which placed it at the top of the list; however, a couple of weeks later, Dayton lead by Johnny Davis beat the then #2 ranked Notre Dame and at the NCAA tournament it went 3 OTs before falling to UCLA (led by Bill Walton and Keith Wilkes). which moved to the Final Four, Incidentally UCLA lost to North Carolina State which had David Thompson, Tom Burleson and Monte Towe in the Semifinals, and KU, whose players included Cook, Morningstar, Kivisto, Greenlee, and Von Moore lost to Marquette in the other semifinal. NC State won the title and KU lost to UCLA in the third place game. By the way, the next year, 1975, Dayton beat KU in the NIT finals, back when the NIT was a prestigious tournament and KU was not even in my radar.

    The excellent engineering program and the basketball tradition swayed my decision and this is how I ended up at the University of Dayton. In 1978 I came to KU to get my doctorate and never left and I have been a Jayhawk fan ever since. Needless to say, I still have great fondness for Dayton and follow the program progress, and in the order of preference it runs a very close second to KU. Since KU will not make it to the Sweet 16, at least I am elated that Dayton is.

    The Dayton Arena, which has now hosted the most NCAA games, is a very nice venue that is consistently sold out, due to the great support of the student and town, Even with student body of about 11,000 and an arena capacity of just over 13,000, Dayton has managed to consistently rank in the top 25 in attendance, which in this age of big arenas is quite an accomplishment. Much like AFH. the Dayton arena represents what is good with college basketball.

    Congrats to Dayton and it ongoing success and most of all congrats to KU; perhaps it did not have the kind of season we all expected and have grown accustomed, but by any standard, it was a very successful season.

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