Howard returns to Michigan

  • Juwan Howard, member of the Michigan fab five that took the college basketball world by storm in the early 90s is returning to his alma mater to coach. Will be interesting to see how he does, only having a few years as an NBA assistant under his belt. Thoughts?

  • Some tidbits and statements made from Jalen about Juwan:

    Juwan Howard is exciting, BUT I still got the same Business. It’s not going to change everything. It’s a new Coach so he’s gonna have to recruit and do all the business all over again like everybody else , really.

    Another : – " Juwan - - - He’s alum and has NBA knowledge so that’s always great to have in a Coach They ( Michigan ) have always stayed in the mix , but with the timing and not knowing who the Coach would be I had to go out and explore my options.

    Another Jalen statement: Jalen told M live that he expects Juwan Howard if he is in fact U_M’s next Coach- - to reach out , visit his home , & lay out his vison. Keeping any or all of the current assistants would go a long way for Jalen , as he got to know them well during his recruiting process. - -( side note with this - -I’m thinking Yaklich was the lead recruiter in Jalen’s recruitment - an lots of smoke about him going to Texas - if that turns out then that means the Coach you committed to play for is no longer there - - the lead recruiter that was on you all the time could very easily not be there - from reading kindof sound s like Yaklich might be hot that he wasn’t hired )

    Then there was this statement: - -Former Michigan signee Jalen Wilson’s interest is piqued. - -Told the earlier today Juwan Howards hiring put Michigan back in the mix.

    These things being said makes me think our chance has dropped some - - I think we are probably at 50/50 with him now - - -If Juwan has his in-home visit - I think there is going to be a lot of pressure on - -we will see. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I expect them to recruit well early.

    I don’t think he’s there for any longer than 5 years though. If he does well he’ll get an NBA job.

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