Great game last night

  • I was in the house for an epic Sox comeback from 9-2 against the tiggers. Walkoff HR in the bottom of the 9th capped it off for a Sox winner.

    The game featured an interesting play. Jose Abreu hit a 3 run homer except it wasn’t because the runner on first was tagging as the ball barely cleared the wall. Jose slightly passed him and was called outs. Two runs were allowed to score instead and his stats suffered a bit.

  • @wissox I like you most of the time.

    That does not apply to baseball season…

  • @nuleafjhawk Likes me most of the time is better than the average person who dislikes me most of the time.

  • @wissox lol - I doubt that’s the case. Here’s the deal, I’ll only “dislike” you when the Sox play the Royals!

  • I got your dislike right here when you play the Nats.

    Actually, you’re not a division rival and you’ve never eliminated us in the playoffs (Cards, Giants, Dodgers, Cubs = my extradivisional sh—list), what do I care?

  • @approxinfinity I don’t think you have to worry about the White Sox (or the Royals or the Nats) eliminating anyone from the playoffs anytime soon.

  • @approxinfinity My dislike or someone elses? I hope I didn’t offend.

  • @wissox I’m talking smack to keep the conversation going and doing a bad job of it. :)

  • @wissox Good pitching by the Sox last night fanned 10 Royals, but the best pitch was the opening throw. She beaned the photographer standing 10 ft out of the way.

    (I’d put up a link, but can’t find one it’s in today)

  • @dylans That was hilarious! I was watching the game. She was a Sox employee of the month so she got the privilege of throwing out the 1st pitch.

    The improvement in Giolitos game is startling. He came to us from the Nationals @approxinfinity is weeping. He was literally the worst starting pitcher in baseball last year. Last week he pitched a rare 9 inning complete game shutout in Houston. He had been one of the top 3 prospects in all of baseball when he was in the minors.

    Interestingly too is he is the grandson of the late actor who played George’s future father in law on Seinfeld.

    By the way that’s the only time ESPN would show Sox highlights. #eastcoastbias.

  • @wissox I was more interested in what he should have been in trade bait, rather than what I thought he would be as a player. Didn’t have much confidence in Giolito. But we certainly should have gotten relief pitching for him instead of another outfielder. As for Reynaldo Lopez, I see he’s inconsistent again this year. I was high on him, I felt like he could have been converted to a setup guy for us, possibly. When he was on he was electric.

    The Nats could have had Chapman for Lopez and Giolito at the trade deadline, instead they ended up dealing a future All-Star Felipe Rivero for a much worse rental (Melancon) anyway, then parting with the two starters for a redundant position player (Eaton). Awful decisions by Mike Rizzo. :cry:

  • @approxinfinity Jury is out on Lopez. Has had some really good starts with some bad in there and this year it seems he’s regressed. I see the Sox go out to Washington next week. 2 game set there.

    It’s tough to see your team make a bad trade. Sox traded 19 year old Fernando Tatis Jr. who is a future superstar for James Shields when they thought they had the pieces to contend in 2016. His failure in part led us to break down the team and it’s been really bleak, but a bright future I hope.

  • How awful for the cubs player and the lil girl who got hit. Broke my heart. 2 things, nets- extend them. Parents, if you take your kids, you gotta be alert or sit further away so you have time to move out of the way. Both of them will be affected by this forever. God bless🙏

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I was watching an LSU game last year when a homer went right at a section where a friend often sits. She said a little girl got hit right in the face by that ball. She recovered nicely but had surgeries to repair everything.

  • You guys did hear about Papi?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Sounds like the DR is a good place to get shot.

  • Bad things in DR. My youngest and his fiancé have been there twice in 4 wks for weddings. To many people dying there! They have 1 more too, crazy!

  • @approxinfinity I had a part in his rise to success! I was at a game in early May when he entered the 5th with a lead and the skies threatening with a forecasted long rain. He went out in the 5th and struck out the side in the rain on 11 pitches. He wasn’t wasting any time between his pitches.

    On the postgame chat on Southsidesox I mentioned how i hated his pace before that 5th inning. He’d monkey around on the mound taking forever and would end up walking the guy. I wrote Lucas needs to remember how he pitched that 5th inning. Lo and behold a day later he’s on the sports shows talking about how he needs to speed up his pace like in that 5th inning. He’s given 1 run scoring hit in his last 6 starts, a 3 run bomb by one of the Royals. That’s it!

    The pace of those games, he’s been averaging like 2:30 a start which is lightning quick nowadays in MLB.

    By the way your Nats are taking it to the Sox this season. Our problem is other than Lucas no one is pitching well at all. Lopez from the Nats finally threw a good game the other day, but he’s been a mystery this season.

  • @wissox Nice! I’ve always felt working fast is advantage pitcher. Don’t let the batters settle in.

    Well I’m glad he’s doing it for the White Sox, and not some team I despise. And yeah, we’ve worked you guys over pretty good, but you guys aren’t there yet. Having a scoreless (and hitless even?) 7th/8th/9th from Rainey/Sipp/Rosenthal was a ne’er before seen rare treat. Need to see it again to believe it.

  • @wissox ooooh big at bat here. Let’s go Trea!

  • @approxinfinity Not able to watch this week as we’re out west, which isn’t a bad problem to have. The homer Eloy Jimenez landed in a place I’ve never seen a homer land before at Sox park. That was amazing!

  • wissox said:

    @approxinfinity Not able to watch this week as we’re out west, which isn’t a bad problem to have. The homer Eloy Jimenez landed in a place I’ve never seen a homer land before at Sox park. That was amazing!

    Nice! Enjoy your trip man.

    EDIT: whoops! Got mixed up there. Yeah that Jimenez homer was massive! Just watched the replay.

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