ESPN/BATE: Headline/Counter-Headline--Day 1

  • ESPN: L’ville dodges Manhattan scare Video | Schlabach BATE: Slick Rick gambles,wins with B game, but AmCon Soft

    ESPN: North Dakota St. shocks OU in OT Video | Jennings BATE: Bi-brow b-game gamble bombs, 2 regrow unibrow

    ESPN: Aztecs survive New Mexico St. Video | Home Court BATE: Fish wins without baiting hook. B game enuff 4 next.

    ESPN: Saint Louis stuns NC State in OT Video | Schlabach BATE: Only one stunned is Schlabach. ACC soft.

    ESPN: Texas tops ASU on buzzer shot Video | Rittenberg BATE: Barnes’ B12 B game beats ASU A-Game. P12 OVRATD

    ESPN: UConn outlasts Saint Joseph’s in OT Video | O’Neil BATE: UConn B game barely snuff, Implies AmCon soft.

    ESPN: Harvard trips up No. 5 Cincinnati Video | Jennings BATE: 'Vard decent, Natti shows AmCon warm butter soft.

    ESPN: Dayton takes down OSU in thriller Video | O’Neil BATE: Thad the Self Impaler, B-game bet busts.

    ESPN: Florida pulls away from Albany Video | Schlabach BATE: B-game steam roller, Gators Good, Donovan = Self

    ESPN: Payne’s career game leads Michigan St. win Video BATE: Ratso’s rats leave nothing but bones.

    ESPN: Wisconsin crushes American after slow start Video BATE: Wissox orgasmic, ODs on Velveeta

    ESPN: Syracuse clamps down on WMU in blowout Video BATE: Boeheim sleeps through another first rounder.

    ESPN: Harvard’s Sweet 16 odds Insider | Amaker rumors BATE: 'Vard’s odds beyond event horizon, Amaker 2 Doris Duke

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate

    I wonder if we visited Wisconsin do you think @wissoxfan83 would give us a tour of the Velveeta factory?

  • I don’t get orgasmic over basketball or cheese for that matter!

    But since heart troubles forced me to start making some better dietary choices I did forego velveeta and am learning there are real cheeses that are really quite delicious!

    After the slow start, the Badgers outscored America 65-18!

  • @wissoxfan83

    Gooooooo, Badgers!

    Also consider eating real butter… from cows that graze on grass instead of chemical grains and animal waste.

    BTW: Margarine is plastic. Save your heart:

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