Nats 15 - Phillies 1

  • There were so few fans left in Citizen’s Bank Park, I think I could hear the car alarms going off. 😂

  • Box score tells the story of a very boring game. Nats with no HRs and Phillies without an extra base hit. Looks like they threw in the towel too and gave a few other guys some ABs.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’m actually really happy there were no HRs for the Nats. they’ve been living and dying by the long ball (all their RBIs) recently, but were still getting on with base hits.

  • Ok, I’m going against convention here too. I loved it when the royals were slapping the ball around the park and stealing bases. Lots of action, but home runs are just one swing of the stick. Lots of nothing then a homer - makes for great highlights, but a boring game to watch.

  • @dylans That style of play was definitely fun. But a 15 run game with no HRs is really strange…

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