KU's Secret Weapon in Dome Ball

  • File this under seeing Gatorade bottles half full.

    KU as I posted recently is not a very good trey ball shooting team.

    KU is an average trey ball shooting team at best.

    Further, KU lacks anyone on the team that it can count on to shoot KU back into a game with the trey ball.

    What KU has is a bunch of average D1 trey ballers and no 40% rain makers like BenMac, or Chalmers, or even Reed, or Brady.

    So, jaybate, you grouch, what is half full about this gatorade bottle? This sounds like more of your grousing.

    Well, here it comes…

    KU has had to learn how to win with this average, frequently horrible, and infrequently hot trey shooting. KU has had to learn to play through horrible trey shooting. KU has had to learn to make do with average trey balling.

    So, what the heck difference does this make jaybate?

    Isn’t the problem that average trey balling teams run into teams with 2-3 40% trifectates and get gunned down like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight?

    Well, no.

    Say what!!!

    Well, Domes, especially the first game one plays in them in a season, tends to make every one shoot the trey ball like something like guys trying to throw bee bees into the river in the Grand Canyon while standing on the North Rim. They have a leeeeeeeeeeeeetle bit of problem with depth perception.

    So: if you’re used to depending on great trey balling all season long and suddenly walk into a dome, a couple short practices often aren’t enough to recalibrate the sights.

    But if you’re a team full of average trey ballers that have had to learn to win with out the stinking trey ball more games than you care to remember through the season, well, playing in a dome is really just like another game playing without your good trey ball.

    Capice? 🙂

  • @jaybate

    I’m with you…but it won’t matter till the F4…

  • @VailHawk in the mean time, in order to get there, we better start shooting better!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Agreed. And I don’t think it’s been mentioned on here before but I’m also in favor of playing better defense!

  • @jaybate 1.0 We have seen Naadir and Wigs and Selden all get hot from 3 but you are right, its not consistent. Its average at best. Hopefully one of our guys can come out hot against Stanford. Hope all of them come out pumped like they did in the first game. Traylor and Black and Connor especially impressed me. Wigs did his usual #1 draft pick thing. Perry did a very quiet 14 and 10.
    Against Stanford it seems we may have a bit of a match up problem. 6’10 240 lbs SF? If I were Coach Self, I would seriously thing about bringing Perry off the bench in this one and starting Traylor. I think Wigs can guard this guy but if he gets posted up KU will need some muscle inside to counter that and Perry just doesn’t have it. Tarik is, I think, getting better. But, he can’t help off two different spots without getting fouled up when Perry gets blown by. ARGH!

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