STOP Shayok To Stop Iowa State

  • KU hasn’t done it yet, but we might want to focus our defense on the Canadian freight train, who scored 24 points on us in our first game and 26 in Lawrence. In Hilton on January 5, Shaytok was 5/5 from 3; IState was 13/25 from 3 on the night.

    In Lawrence on January 21, Shayok was 3/8 from 3 and 9/18 overall.

    This senior 6’6" streak of lightning is going to eat up our freshman defenders, Ochai and Q. I’m for starting Garrett, telling him don’t worry about offense-just watch and save all your energy for defending Shayok. Marcus had a fair night on offense against WV, but I really hope he focuses on slowing down Shayok. Shayok averages 19 pts, but plays much harder against KU. Stop Shayok and KU will stop IState.