Hill under investigation

  • Dble sigh

  • Sick too

  • Truly awful. He has to go if true.

  • Future Brown?

  • You take the guy outta the hood but you can’t take the hood outta the guy. Lucky he was to get a second and to possible blow it in the manor is plain idiotic.

  • BShark said:

    Truly awful. He has to go if true.

    true. If it turns out to be true wit the boy/ - A lot of people/kc fans saying if that’s true he needs to be gone immediately - just like they did with Hunt. - -Others from across the nation sayin he needs banished from the NFL if it’s true. - I didn’t know but found out this isn’t his 1st dance like this - -crazy. - -ROCK CHALK AL DAY LONG BABY

  • No big deal. We’ve lost almost every other good player on the team, what’s one more?

    Throw in Mahomes for good measure and we’ll REALLY show them how to make nothing out of nothing next year.

  • The Chiefs were about to give him a $100 million deal. Maybe it’s a negotiation ploy? Lol, yeah right.

  • Maybe we should just wait for the facts to come out . I know that’s not the cool thing to do in 2019, but it really does make the most sense.

  • Yikes

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tyreek Hill is heard discussing striking his son on an audio recording of the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver speaking with his fiancée, Kansas City television station KCTV reports.

    Crystal Espinal, Hill’s fiancée, is heard on the recording asking Hill, "Why did he say daddy did it? Why did he say daddy did it?’’

    Hill replies, "He says daddy does a lot of things.’’

    Espinal then says, "A 3-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.’’

    “Daddy did it,” Espinal said, paraphrasing the boy. “He is terrified of you.”

    Hill responded, according to the recording: “You need to be terrified of me, too, b----.”

    Later in the recording, Espinal says, "He kept saying ‘Daddy punches me,’ which you do when he starts crying. What do you do? You make him open up his arms, and you punch him in the chest. Then if he gets in trouble, you get the belt out.’’

    The conversation was recorded as the couple walked through Dubai International Airport, according to KCTV. No date for the conversation was given.

    KCTV’s airing of part of the 11-minute audio file came a day after Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said charges would not be filed after police were called to Hill’s home twice last month and investigators determined the 3-year-old child had been injured. Howe said that although he believes a crime occurred, the evidence in the case doesn’t clearly establish who committed the crime.

    The portion of the recording played on KCTV on Thursday starts with Espinal saying, “We were getting into it, and he said, ‘Daddy, you’re mean.’ So we walked up the stairs. You said, ‘Come back down here,’ and he didn’t want to go down there. But I was like, ‘Go down there because it will end up worse for you.’ So he walked down there and then you were getting on his [deleted] … Then he started crying, and you were like, ‘Shut up, shut up, stop crying. Shut up, shut up, stop crying.’”

    Hill replies, "Right.’’

    Espinal continues: "Then he kept crying because he was scared. He was terrified, and you grabbed on to him or he fell, one of the two.’’

    Hill says, "I didn’t do nothing. That’s sad, bro. That’s really sad.’’

    That’s when Espinal asks Hill why their son said Hill did it.

    At another point in the recording, Espinal brings up the investigations by the Overland Park, Kansas, police department and the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

    "Now, somehow this investigation got brought back up, and you’re about to lose your [deleted],’’ she says.

    "Now I really want you sit and think about it because I rode for you against that detective and the [DCF] people.’’

    Espinal then talks about what Hill does when their son starts crying.

    Howe was given a copy of the tape and told KCTV that he is reviewing the audio.

    Before the recording aired, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told ESPN’s Sam Ponder the league was still investigating.

    “When you get the facts, then you make a decision about how it fits into our personal conduct policy,” Goodell said. “You don’t make a decision without having those facts.”

    The Chiefs said they had no comment at this time.

    ESPN was unable to independently confirm Thursday it was Hill and Espinal on the recording.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  • F him. Get him out of here. Sucks but seriously I don’t ever want to see him in a chiefs jersey again

  • Makes me sad that someone so talented is such a horrible person. I hope the kid can be kept safe, he should be the focus.

    Time to draft Hill’s replacement Deebo Samuel or some other lightening fast durable wr.

  • Adrian Peterson beat his kid (less severe, but similar) and got very little in the way of punishment. As a matter of fact his “comeback” tour last year was lauded by many. I hope this isn’t the case here. I want to be able to root for the Chiefs.

  • I think the Chiefs should keep Hill under contract and not play him. Suspend him without pay for as long as the players union will allow. Let him rot on the bench when they have to take him back. No sense in having to play against him and OBJ…

  • @dylans I feel you but did you read the phone call transcript? That guy is a piece of sht. He belongs in jail

  • @CoreyBill hearing the recording is even worse. There will be no justice. That kid is doomed. And Hill will play in the nfl for someone. Sad situation.

  • Hill has been suspended indefinitely by the Chiefs. He is probably done with the team, maybe done in the league.

  • @dylans just listened to it. Man what mess. We need to make some receiver moves now

  • There are terrible people everywhere. Terrible doctors, terrible accountants, terrible fork lift drivers, terrible home security people(BTK)

    Why do all the terrible great football players end up with the Chiefs?

  • @nuleafjhawk Bad deal, but at least it wasn’t Aaron Hernandez bad. Maybe the kid can be saved.

  • Mecole Hardman is our Hill replacement. Hope he pans out

  • Maybe the players will start protesting themselves

  • @kjayhawks maybe they will. That’s their right. A right granted to them under our Constitution. It outlines our rights as Americans and is being treated like a greasy Mcdonald’s napkin by someone who has never given a damn about anything but his own vanity and who’s number one focus should be to protect OUR rights. They can protest whatever the hell they want to protest. Watch or don’t. But don’t tread on their rights. I’d wager you wouldn’t want them treading on yours. Many with your opinion feel so strongly about it they wear shirts and have license plates expressing it. You can’t have it both ways and quite frankly it’s a tired talking point. Comments like yours are intended to divide but what they do is paint a picture of an uneducated racist that wants to pick and choose which Amendments matter. I’m tired of how f’ing polarized we all are and comments like yours push us all further apart. My suggestion to you: find an adult education center and take a Civics class or show a little empathy for people who don’t get to just drive around town without fear of dying every single day. Ridiculous, ignorant, parroted post.

  • @CoreyBill triggered much? I guess I should’ve used my sarcasm font.

  • @CoreyBill He’s not an Arizona fan, it’s all good. There is a politics section if you want to vent though. I choose to completely ignore that thread as politics and religion are great ways to lose friends.

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