NBA MVP award winners


    I don’t remember if I’ve ever looked at the list of NBA award winners in it’s entirety. It made me think a few things so I thought I would share.

    The first is that Embiid will never win an MVP award. A big hasn’t won one in 15 years, and that was when Dirk, Garnett and Duncan won. For the same reason I’m skeptical Giannis can win one, but if he does, he’s not a true big, as he’s 6’9ish and is a face up guy.

    Derrick Rose looks stranger with every passing year. I’ll have to go back and watch tape.

    MJ won 4 MVPs. Magic and he traded off for a bit. Kareem is the only to have won 6. Russell is the only to have won 5. Wilt also won 4 as did LeBron.

    The range of time from first to last MVP is also interesting and perhaps understated as a measure of sustained excellence.

    Jabbars range was 9 years

    Wilt, MJ 8 years

    Russell 7 years

    It seems impossible now, but were LeBron to win another MVP next year his range would be 11 years.

    Bird, Wilt and Russell were the only ones to win 3 in a row.

    And Walton won an MVP. Was he really that good? I gotta check the tape

    Happy Thursday guys.

  • Wilt, LeBron and MJ all should have won more… Just doesn’t make for good journalism.

  • @approxinfinity 10 year span 5 MVPs MJ

  • @Kcmatt7 you beat me to it! It felt like the media struggles to accept sustained greatness and is looking for the next big thing. Heck LeBron should’ve won finals MVP for the losing team, but didn’t because of the stigma.

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