Our lunch pail

  • Guys I know , we have talked about - - hashed/rehashed this before , but it’s just hard for me to contain myself my friends. This is all about Mitch and giving Mitch some spotlight.

    Mitch is truly what KU is all about - - Mitch is KU , the kid Truly , Truly , Truly loves this school - -no matter what , what the circumstances may be Mitch is going to bring what he can - -Night in - - Night out. Very , very true may not be the most talented kid compared to others BUT that heart he brings - makes up for a lot , Mitch plays with a lot of heart - every time out - -and ENERGY the kid is just Energy , Energy , Energy. - and to an extent it rubs off - I think it rubbed off for sure last night.

    The kid just " Brings that lunch pail " - every time out. - -I think a reason he doesn’t get the accolades a little MORE umm take notice is - - MOST of what he does is more of - -the dirty work - -things like box out’s - -rebounding - - now true he may get overmatched - - pushed around at times in rebounding , - -may not be able to hold position on defense at times - -but it’s not from lack of effort - - most of that bottom line is just his structure his body frame - not being bulk enough. Yet he brings it - - I mean look you’ll see him - -rebounding - -getting what he can get which isn’t that bad - - got 6 last night - - pretty sure he is our leading shot blocker - - - for me - - -I never thought he would be nearly as aggressive of a shot blocker that he is - - - -seems like he really almost loves sacrificing his body to step in - -take that charge - - -I know he has to lead the team in charges drawn - not even close I don’t think - -Scores some - which unless I’m missing something I along with others were already aware that’s not what he does in huge number - - just not him

    Sittin here pondering this morning remember how some was thinking Mitch might transfer - -Alot of people including me thought this would be a very good year for him to Red Shirt - -stll think that would of been good - -( strictly for bulk ) getting stronger -but as the way it has turned out - -glad that didn’t happen. - - As for Mitch transferring - -the talk earlier - I knew thats not happening - -Mittch loves this School - -again Mitch is KU basketball - -he just does the things that go un-noticed as much - -the dirty work - - the lunch pail on the team - most look for those points - - monster blocks - NOT MITCH - I for one am Glad Mitch is here - - -Our Dirty work - - Our Lunch Pail - - Mitch IS KU . - - - Thanks guys for letting me rant - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It’s now prison Mitch!

  • Prison Mitch isn’t the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.

  • @jayballer73 What was the name of John Madden’s all-star regular Joes team?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That name CRACKS me up…Prisonmitch…lololol…

  • mayjay said:

    @jayballer73 What was the name of John Madden’s all-star regular Joes team?

    I have no idea lol

  • @jayballer73 He posted up, went up and under, and scored. He sealed off his man, and converted an entry pass into a basket. These are not moves we are used to seeing with Mitch. That could certainly add a valuable element to his game if he learn to score down low on a regular basis.

  • @KUSTEVE Yes, very rarely have we seen Mitch catch the ball in the low post and make a “post move” to score. Usually its a offense rebound or a wide open dunk off of a slip screen.

  • How about Mitch also confidently taking two threes… This team could turn into a “5 out,” bombs away, stretch the floor team out of friggen nowhere. Imagine what that does for Dedric if Mitch can keep his man from being able to double down.

    It’s also funny how quickly things turned around from Saturday to Monday. And also, Saturday for Wednesday for Tech… OT at home against a bad OSU team. Proof that Saturday was their Superbowl. I think they drop a game.

    Overall though, I’m just happy that we are seeing guys gain confidence as the season progresses. And that Mitch’s hard work is really starting to pay off for him and us.

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