Hunt To Browns

  • KH has been signed by Browns, note Dorsey, their GM had drafted Hunt to KC. I am uneasy about this situation while investigation is still on-going. I think an NFL team should have waited at least till the investigation was over, the video of the incident was horrible.

    How do others think about this move?

  • I thought it made sense we cut him. I also think it makes sense that someone would sign a good football player that was never charged with a crime. Especially a franchise so desperate for wins.

    As long as he truly is going through some sort of weekly counseling and trying to hone in the demons he’s got, I do not have an issue giving someone a second chance. I feel that way about most things. We have developed this moral code that exists outside of the law where we assign someone a scarlet letter for doing certain things. Sometimes people just go down a weird path and need scared straight before they go back to being decent human beings.

  • Agree with @Kcmatt7 - I’m glad the Chiefs got rid of him. Wish they had done it the same way with Marcus Peters (no related incidents, i just think he’s a terrible person. Sue me) We all knew someone would pick up Hunt. Nobody gives a crap about morality - they just want someone that can put up stats and help them win. I hope he gets his life straightened out. And I hope Cleveland never wins another game. EVER.

  • @Kcmatt7 I agree that folks deserve a second chance. My point here is that the timing is too early. There are 3 separate investigations taking place, at least let the results come out. At least wait till you are certain that the player has the act together.

  • @AsadZ If you go read about it, he is supposed to be in counseling and for a lack of a better phrase, on a “treatment plan.” What could be best for him is practicing. All of his incidents were in the offseason. Maybe football is where everything makes sense for him. As long as they have a plan and he is committed to being a better person, timing is semantics. I don’t know that there is a good time to sign a guy with a bit of a violent streak.

    I do understand what you’re saying. I just think Dorsey strikes me as someone who is intelligent and very good at due diligence. He’s always been willing to take chances on players with questionable pasts, providing he knows he has a plan for them and a strong lockerroom… And typically, that strategy has worked out very well for him. Peters, Kelce, Hunt, and Hill are all guys that have panned out on the field. All have had an issue in the past, but never under his tenure.

  • If he plays the Browns are a playoff team next season

  • yikes

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