• Duke investigating sexual assault allegation made against former basketball player

    In a series of statements released Friday through her attorney, Meredith Watson said a former Duke basketball player raped her in 1999. Watson also has said that Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted her on Duke’s campus in Durham, North Carolina, when they were both students in 2000. “I think there was an allegation made, right?” Krzyzewski said after Saturday night’s victory at Virginia. “So, I’m not sure that’s true or not, but there’s an allegation. I didn’t find out about it until late last night, and I have no knowledge about it. … Our university will take care of whatever actions and give whatever information that’s needed to be done. I think our [athletic director] has put out a statement that we’ll give to you. It’s very … something like that is serious. So, our school looks at it that way, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure that we answer whatever questions are posed to us.”

    Sure you will you RAT! You’ll bury it and eliminate it just like all the other illegal activities you’ve had at Puke.

    This is a “blip.” Right K? A blip? Isn’t that what you call your gross violations?

    Arizona Wildcats AD Dave Heeke strongly supports coach Sean Miller The school said Wednesday in a statement that Phelps’ removal was “not related to the federal criminal proceedings in New York or the NCAA’s review of the facts underlying the allegations of unlawful conduct.” Sources told ESPN that Phelps is accused of a violation regarding former Arizona recruit Shareef O’Neal’s academic transcripts. O’Neal, the son of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, committed to the Wildcats in 2017 before signing with UCLA. O’Neal sat out this season because of a heart condition.

    Then why was he let go? WTH? Oh…O’Neal knew nothing about the transcripts! I get it. He had a heart problem or he would’ve played at Zona.

    Dead, Buried, and Gone! OVER! NCAA WHO?

    Look at when this happened? 1999 and 2000! Are you kidding me? It took this long for this story to break? WOW! If this were KU it would be front page and the NCAA would impose sanctions.

    O’Neal committed to Zona and then signs with UCLA? Williamson looking to SCarolina and Alabama? Signed with Puke?

    This is a joke! They are Dirty and they make KU look like a molested choir boy.

  • OH soooo – you mean KU ISN’T the only team where things happen and things are brought up about someone being raped? - -ahh that can’t be right can it ?- - NOt A DUKE Player - -I’m sure ESPN will take care of it - - I mean it’s DUKE for GOD’S sake 0 that can’t be right.

    Now letting everyone know here – I AM NOT in any way shape or form making light of this , where some woman has possibly been raped by this Duke former player - total bullshit if that happened - -

    What I am trying to imply no matter how feeble it may come across - - All I’m trying to say is - - -DUKE? - -get ready for the ESPN cover up - -they will fix this for DUKE - -I mean re are talking Duke - -the holier then thou - -not to worry ESPN - - -ESPN announcers - - Jay Bilas - - - Seth Greenberg - - and DICKY V – oh my GOD - DICKY V I mean will just be wettin all over himself - - -NOT A DUKE CONNECTION to something really bad took place - - break out the wallets - sush money. - - ROCK CHALKALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I doubt ESPN will care. After all, it doesn’t affect Zion’s destiny to be elected to the NBA HOF before he enters training camp.

  • 20 years late

  • They gave 10 times the coverage to Suimon (spelled wrong) after he was at Maryland, just mentioned it while he was at Duke.

  • @dylans See, this proves I am getting old. In my post, I nearly said it happened almost 10 years ago. Missed a decade somewhere…

  • @mayjay Happens to me too and I’m not claiming to be old. Lol

  • @mayjay I hope NOT. I was laying it on REALLY REALLY thick. I’m sick and tired of programs getting away with murder. KU gets screwed every single year.

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