Selden Traded To Bulls

  • While Bulls are in a flux, I hope he can find good PT to show what he can do and land a solid contract.

  • Meanwhile mason and Ben sit, what a waste!

  • McLemore just isn’t a good enough shooter to be a valuable piece to anyone. He was never a good ball handler, he wasn’t an elite defender so I’m honestly surprised he’s still in the league considering he came into the league with a reputation as a shooter, but he’s only a 35% career 3 point shooter. He just doesn’t offer much else if he can’t make shots.

    Mason’s problem is twofold this year. The biggest issue is that DeAaron Fox has really come on this year so Frank’s minutes will be limited because of that as long as Fox is still in Sacramento. The other issue is that Mason’s shooting has be ice cold this year. He’s sub 40% overall and only at 20% from 3. He’s not helping his case for more minutes. He’s someone I think will get traded because there really isn’t a need for him in Sacramento.

  • Frank is hurt by his size. NBA PGs have been getting bigger (average size is now closing in on 6-3), so its tough to make it as a sub 6 footer in the league at this point. He’s heading for career backup territory, so he needs to adjust his game and become effective in small bursts running the second unit. He can play the next 10 years if he does that.

    For Selden, McLemore and Oubre, they have to refine being a 3 and D wing. Oubre does that well. The other two need to get that skillset down so that they can extend their careers.

    None of those guys will be stars, but they can all still have long, effective careers in the NBA.

  • @justanotherfan

    Really? Hurt? Tell Frank because he doesn’t seem to understand that statement.

    Doesn’t look too hurt to me, nor does LBJ after Mason just SCHOOLED the king.

  • truehawk93 said:


    Really? Hurt? Tell Frank because he doesn’t seem to understand that statement.

    Doesn’t look too hurt to me, nor does LBJ after Mason just SCHOOLED the king.

    You do realize you’re talking about a guy whose CAREER HIGH is 18 points in a game. I love what Frank did at KU. He’s a bulldog no doubt, and an all timer as a Jayhawk. But he is going to have a hard time being a starter in the NBA because of his size.

    The NBA is all about switching on defense because there’s so much PnR going on that you can’t just trail around the screen, or go under the screen. As a result, you have to switch a lot. Frank can handle most PGs in the NBA. However, he can’t consistently defend bigger players, and NBA offenses are designed to attack that.

    NBA offenses isolate and attack mismatches. There’s literally nowhere to hide a defender that is giving up a size or quickness advantage on the floor. NBA teams routinely gameplan to attack Steph Curry on defense for his size, and he’s 6-3 and may be the best shooter in the game. He can stay on the floor because he can drop 40 at any time. Frank isn’t on that level offensively.

    This isn’t a dis on Frank Mason. This is an honest assessment of where the NBA is and is going.

    There are two players who have appeared in the NBA this season that are under 6 feet tall - Frank Mason and Tyler Ulis, both of whom are backups. There are 28 guys that have played this season that are under 6-2 - only 11 of those guys average even double figures in points. Most are not starters.

    It is an uphill climb if you aren’t at least 6-3 in the NBA.

    That’s part of what makes me wonder if Devon Dotson, as good as he has been this year, might still end up in Lawrence for another year or two. His size hurts him at the next level.

  • Finding a niche is huge for these guys being discussed. I just looked at Nick Collison’s stats. He never averaged more than 9 points or 9 RB’s a game, yet stayed in the league for 14 years because of his value as a bench contributor. His FG%, FT% stayed consistent even as his minutes dropped. Too bad his FT% wasn’t as good in one particular game in college!

  • Nick C I just read is 39th all time in the NBA for shooting percentage!

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