The Next Few Weeks- Shooting

  • With Winter Break here KU has the chance to take the next step in team development. I hope these kids live in the gym putting up shots the next few weeks. What other excuse is there for these shooting numbers so far. This looks like the biggest issue, scoring, something we are not accustomed to. Guys are missing too many open looks. What happens when those same shots don’t go down on the road? We will find out.

    For everyone’s viewing pleasure.

    Dedric Lawson 4-23 from 3, 17%, most of them wide open looks. He’s better then this.

    Azubuike 34% FT shooter, let’s face it he got worse and will never be good at the line.

    Grimes, 41% FG’s, 63% FT,'s 29% from 3. He’s improving but still rushes wide open looks and has some really bad misses. Kid needs to live in the gym and work on that form. He can make this team even more dangerous making shots.

    Marcus Garrett, 31% FG’s, 19% from 3. What else is there to say he can’t shoot from anywhere. Worst shooter Self has ever had as a guard. Does a lot of other good things at least.

    Charlie Moore, 31% FG, 30% from 3. Not even sure what he’s doing half the time. Did he even look at the hoop on a few of those shots last night.

  • @BeddieKU23 I would add Vick’s passing to that list that needs more work, for sure.


    His issue is Shot Selection. We know he can make the tough ones which is a good trait to have. He’s still Vick.

  • @BeddieKU23 He had a couple lazy passes that resulted in OU runouts.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    @BeddieKU23 He had a couple lazy passes that resulted in OU runouts.

    Sorry I missed your comment about his passes. I counted 3 of them last night that were bonehead plays. Vick is who he is. I remember after one bad pass he canned a 3 on the next possession. He could definitely be less careless with the ball

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