KU VS Lon game thread

  • @KUSTEVE I predicted a bit of a breakout for Grimes. He’s way overdue. I hope he keeps rolling.

  • @truehawk93 I predicted a 6 point win. I also predicted we’d score 82, so not very close on the actual score.

  • Yep a win is a win. We just came out flat in second half. No excuse for that, especially at home. I was hoping for a team with killer instinct, but have thrown that hope out the window. They will mostly all be big time grinds.

  • @KUSTEVE Well, I don’t remember who always says on the board that when KU reaches 70 pts first, wins. It’s been fairly true almost every game.

  • @truehawk93 we will count on u to bring us a victory!

  • Gawd it’s going to be a long season. But if we can win this way, I can only hope how we win after they get things figured.

  • We took some really quick, dumb shots at the end! Blows me away how dumb we can be. Never turn down a layup but these were pretty far out. Your clock is your friend. I drilled that in my teams when they were little.🤨

  • @truehawk93 we want a long season! Need to figure some chemistry out, get more 50 50 balls. I thought we talked better. Play D before your man catches the ball.

  • Grimes talks so fast he could be an auctioneer

  • @Gorilla72 I would be surprised if they came away Saturday with a win.

  • OU was ranked friends, they are missing Mcneace as well. I’m seeing them finishing 4th-6th in this conference and having a good shot to make the tournament. A good portion of why it was close is shooting. We shot 19% from 3 and 41% from the floor. Dedric was a huge part of that with finishing 6 for 17 and 0 for 3 from distance. Late he had 4 straight off balanced fade aways and missed some easy ones early. He had a strong finish to the first and a good stretch in the second but 13 points off of 17 shots isn’t effective enough. He now is shooting 4 for 23 from the outside this season, its border line a turnover at this point. Everyone wants to complain about Garrett, he’s 4 for 21 and has about 10 wide open ones a game if he wants to take them. I thought Garrett played a solid game, he took 3 shots, had 5 points and 5 assists while playing solid defense. Vick had a decent floor game, he just had too many crap passes and I’m sure that’s why Self had him out and Moore in late. But Moore couldn’t hit the free ones and can’t defend or rebound like Vick can, I’d say that probably doesn’t happen again unless Vick is fouled out.

  • @Woodrow It is a huge game for this early in the season. If we get a win in Hilton, we should win our next 4 after that, then get ISU at home. A 7-0 start would be outstanding.

  • The home games I picked, weather permitting, nova, isu, texass, KSU, Wvu, Baylor. That’s before we knew tt and ou would be good and wade got hurt. Baylor last home.

  • @Big-Clyde52 Its too early yet to put a ton a this game or any other for the next few weeks. I think you’ll see Self trim down this rotation to the normal 7 or 8.KJ and Moore will probably start playing very sparingly from here on out. Moore is like Greene used to be (maybe worse), if his shot isn’t falling he’s a liability out there and of no use in every other aspect of the game.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 if you’re worried about the weather, I’m pretty close to you and maybe interested in taking tickets. Obviously I would pay you something for them.

  • I might be able to get a ticket to tt.

  • @kjayhawks I probably can’t give them to my friends, they r my sons. He has them. But if I can I’ll give u a holler.

  • Embiid had 40 and 15

  • DVRd…just done watching. — Eerily similar to the ASU game, but we didn’t tank in the end. Thankfully. — Dok and Lawson are not scoring well when paired together. Self needs to figure out how to make this work. I can’t. Lawson seems best to me when posting up close, not facing up. Dok’s the same, obviously. He can bully his way around. Lawson tries too many inefficient attempts when navigating too far from the hoop. To his credit he makes some hard ones. — if we can’t shoot worth a shit, the above is important. — Dotson is a Learjet. Shot from a cannon. With boosters. Lowercase mvp to Lawson. — Grimes is scoring more. Happy about that. but somehow it’s not pretty. It’s a start. — I got a kick out of the announcer praising him for his amazing hustle for diving on the floor for a loose ball — which of course was a turnover from his sloppy ball handling. — KJ came in. KJ quickly turned it over trying to dribble. KJ less quickly attempted to guard on the perimeter — quite unsuccessfully, leading to a basket. KJ was quickly yanked. I hope this will put an end to you jokers who think KJ is a perimeter defender. — Mitch should have had more floor time covering Larry Bird. Not a game for McCormack. — Vick is way better at the step back three than any other shot. Realize it and stop the other wild-haired shots. — We are not a poised team at times. Way too many quick triggers in the second half when we should be burning clock. — Well, seems like we can expect some tight conference games! — Glad that one is under our belt.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 By a long season I am referring to watching each game. It’s not going to be comfortable. Each game is going to be scrappy. The ASU game makes me nauseous. Here we go to Ames…ugh.

  • No word at all on Silvio, ugh. This is painful to see him wasting on the bench in street clothes. Something needs to be decided. This is ridiculous. I thought something would be known by conference play. This is smelling more like bball politics than a ridiculous investigation.

  • Big Clyde52 said:

    @Woodrow It is a huge game for this early in the season. If we get a win in Hilton, we should win our next 4 after that, then get ISU at home. A 7-0 start would be outstanding.

    100% agree. I was looking at the schedule past this Saturday and it sets up nicely for KU. Saturday could be the big win and a momentum type win for this team.

  • @truehawk93 I know

  • Let’s hope OU beats a very good TT team in Lubbock.

    Let’s also hope Baylor beats ISU in Waco.

    I’m afraid #15 may be one of those seasons where other B12 teams beat the top contenders, like TT and ISU.

    Then we have to hope our guys will capitalize on those gifts by maybe limping to #15 with a 1-2 game lead at the end of conference play.

  • I thought maybe something might motivate the fans. I wish Self would give this speech. I know this video is overdone but it seemed we went through something similar and wound up winning the conference. KU has been here before.

    Other than the pissing away his money and not standing the face in the mirror.

    So is basketball. This is basketball and Self needs to ask that fundamental question…“What are you going to do?”

  • @Big-Clyde52 We lost in Ames. We need to beat them in Lawrence.

    If we can take care of business, we actually have a chance to stay where we belong. If we can beat WVU and then take care of ISU in the PHOG, the boys have a nice opportunity to earn #15.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Embiid is a pure stud. I would add too that wish he could’ve played against freakin’ Stanford. That’s when they had those two Sequoia twin trees. We had Wigs, but really needed JoJo.

  • @truehawk93 That team was too young to do much in that tournament though.

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