Holgerson to Houston

  • Reports are coming in that Dana Holgorsen will leave West Virginia and head south to Houston after Major Applewhite was relieved of his duties. Supposedly he will sign a 5 year 20 million dollar contract, making him the highest paid non power 5 coach. It’s an interesting move and another bad look for the conference days after OU laid an egg against Alabama. I personally think it was time, he hasnt done much since joining the B12 and WV didnt seem to interested in paying him more.

  • My first impression when I saw this: Glad Houston isn’t in the Big12! KU doesn’t need Houston on level footing. KU can’t get a leg up with the advantages it has now. Hopefully that changes starting now, in the Les Miles era!

  • @dylans Houston has been ahead of KU for quite some time IMO. They’ve made a bowl game 7 of the last 8 seasons. Art Briles, Kevin Sumlin and Tom Herman have all coached there in the last decade before getting big jobs. The B12 had a chance to get them but didn’t a few years back.

  • @kjayhawks I read a article this week when the news came out that they were firing Applewhite and targeting Holgo that this was a move to “impress” the Big 12. However, the article made it sound like the Big 12 has no interest at all in Houston.

  • The UH athletic department is a complete mess right now. Tilman Fertitta is trying to be Boone Pickens for them by essentially running the athletic department himself, or least final approval on all major issues.

    There’s two reasons why Holgerson is going to end up at UH. One is he was a former assistant coach at UH, and two is he’s wanted out of WVU for several years now that’s not a secret either.

    It’s not going to be a look for either side when stories start leaking about specific reasons Holgerson wanted out of WVU and it won’t be a good look at UH because they’re trying to get into the B12 the same way Missouri tried to get into the B10.

    It’s going to backfire on UH big time and they’re getting into the B12 anytime in the bear future.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Yep, West Virginia really seems like a crap place to be, I was shocked when we added them. Tiny media market, academics are at the bottom of the conference and they’re really was no gain, especially when Louisville wanted in at that time. I personally dont think it matters with the B12, they are most likely gone when the current media contract is up. Hopefully we end up in the B10 along with ISU and KSU. If that happens, it could be the premier basketball league.

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