Mason, Oubre, Selden

  • Mason has lost his rotation spot with the Kings it seems. Surprisingly the Kings are decent this year and have a winning record. Wonder what’s going to happen with him

    Oubre was traded to the new basketball purgatory- the Suns. I figured with how much the Wizards payed Porter Oubre was going somewhere else at some point. For Oubre this is the worst situation for him but hopefully he can get on a better team in the off-season.

    Selden was supposed to be included in the Suns deal before that fell apart. Looks like his time with the Grizzlies won’t be lasting too much longer.

  • Fox has really improved this year and Kings are doing much better although I hope Mason can still get good PT. On Oubre and Selden I concur they are in a tough spot.

  • I hope Selden and Mason can stay in the league. Oubre won’t have any issues with that. But the other two might.

    Selden just isn’t explosive enough or consistent enough to be a rotation guy, imo. I’d see him sticking around in a deep bench type of a role. But he might be better served to go be a star in Europe.

    Frank should not be in the NBA. And he honestly might not be good enough to start for a good team that would pay good money in Europe. He can’t shoot the deeper 3. And he can’t finish at the rim over superior athletes. Unfortunately, he seems destined for a rough career. He should be glad though, he’s a millionaire and his family should be taken care of for a long time. He walked away from KU with a degree. Life isn’t bad for Frank.

  • Here is a link to the trade which was royalty screwed up along the way. Oubre was the 6th man for the Wizards and had started a number of games and playing well and might be a starter for the Suns competing directly with Jackson who had several good games lately.

    Oubre is a bargain at his current rookie contract of $3.2M while Rivers and Ariza are likely overpaid at $12.6M and $15M. Oubre has better stats than Ariza. Selden ended up not being traded after all and he is relatively inexpensive insurance at $1.5M. Mason is the lowest paid Kings player and at $1.3M he is inexpensive insurance when the only other PG on the team other than Fox is Ferrell and Fox has been somewhat injury prone. I can see McLemore being let go before Mason; he just does not play much and he has a $5.5M contract.

    Weird to talk about athletes making millions as a bargain when the average fan struggles to make a mid 5 figure salary.

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