• No reason exists for Dedric Lawson to try to spin this. He has played much better basketball than in his opening stretch this month at Kansas.

    His shot looks off, legs a bit tired, confidence down a notch. And maybe when it clicks for Lawson, primarily just the frustration will disappear. He earned his nickname, Smooth, after all, for the way he makes the game appear almost effortless.

    Lawson should have scored 30 in the opener against Michigan State and 30 more on Friday against Louisiana, coach Bill Self said. Instead, the heralded transfer from Memphis got 20 and 19 – before and after an especially rough Allen Fieldhouse debut as he was held scoreless in a KU win over Vermont on Nov. 12.

    While second-ranked KU features two of the Big 12’s best in Lagerald Vick and Udoka Azubuike in addition to star freshmen Quentin Grimes and Devon Dotson, Lawson is the wild card on the floor.

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  • He’s had an average start a best I’d say but plenty on room to grow. Let’s all make sure there ain’t no hounding him on twitter and facebook, call out the fools who are.

  • Dedric is better than he has looked. I think we have to start tinkering with lineups to get him going.

    Play four out with him as the lone big man. Play him with Mitch as the stretch 5 to space the floor a bit.

    We need to figure out how to space the floor for him to operate. Maybe let him face up at the FT line more. He needs to get some easy catches and baskets to get his rhythm going. Once he does that, I think he will get back to the level everyone was anticipating.

  • Quietly, slowly, had a really nice game tonight. Solid FT shooter. Smart player. I think he’ll get way better as we go along. Still think he could use a redbull right before the game tho, he seems to be in slow motion sometimes.

  • Tonight he was closer to what I think will be normal for him.

  • Man, I know Dedric scored some points, but it still seems his game was off — at least in the first half. He did have a few polished attempts in the lane, but most of his stuff seemed like haphazard drive from 15 feet, spin a few times and chuck up a prayer into a defender’s arms. He needs to settle down.

  • It seemed to me that the Dedric we saw in the 2nd half was the Dedric we’ve been hearing about and expecting to see.

  • Other than the preseason games we have yet to see what Dedric can do. I think (hope) he’ll get on track soon. I wish he would dunk the dad gum ball from time to time!

  • @dylans seemed like he settled down in the second half and had multiple nice moves, rebounded well as usual and played good defense. I’d say we saw what he could do in the second half. He will be fine.

  • justanotherfan said:

    Dedric is better than he has looked. I think we have to start tinkering with lineups to get him going.

    I don’t buy this. Lineups have zero to do with his lack of ability to lift off the ground or blow by a defender. He lacks the ability to do both.

    I’ve never seen a more hyped guy preseason. If we are waiting for him to “take over” it will be few and far between.

  • He played much better in second half, he had several strong moves and rebounded the ball well. If not for his play KU would have gotten an L last night.

  • Dedric was far and away KU’s best player last night. I’d say he definitely “took over”. It will probably never look pretty but he was great last night. Efficient with very high usage.

  • @BigBad - so what are you suggesting Self do about this?

  • Dedric is #2 in Kenpoms POTY race. Obviously it’s early. And that is including the total clunker against Vermont. Against MSU and Louisiana he was average but considering his very high usage you take the production. He was out of this world against Marquette and Tennessee.

    Oh and @wissox he is behind some guy you might have heard of, Ethan Happ.

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