Devontae Update

  • He has bounced a couple of times back and forth to the Hornets G League team because he is the 3rd PG in their organization and they want him to get PT (the G League team uses the Hornets schemes). He had 31 points, seven rebounds, six assists and four steals last Saturday for Greensboro. Has only played 19 minutes in 2 games for the Hornets, so he is getting much needed experience. Still, Hornets’ backup Tony Parker can’t last forever at 36 yrs old, can he? So, there may be a space for DG yet this season.

  • Graham had 38 points tonight in the G League

  • He’s kicking rear there! He’ll be ready, glad he’s not just riding the pine. Plus he’s getting 💰💰

  • Link to Graham’s highlight video.

  • Hope he can get back and getting good PT

  • @AsadZ

    At this time it is best to play 30+ minutes on the G League than warm the bench at the top level. He is getting great experience for when he is called and he will be much better prepared.

  • The idea in the NBA will be to use young guys in the G League unless there are injuries or ineffectiveness from veterans. Young players need to play. In the past, there wasn’t that opportunity in the NBA, but that is happening in the G League, along with the fact that there are more practices in the G League than the NBA due to the NBA travel schedule.

    Devonte will spend most of this year in the G League, but I fully expect him to be in Charlotte to start next season.

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