Who's calling the plays?

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  • There are thousands of reasons why Beaty should and will be fired , but his lack of offense production might be number 1. This offense looks like a high school offense. It lacks no creativity and is easily predictable.

    I can not wait until that clown is fired.

  • It’s crazy how bad the offense is, defense gets them the ball at the 3 and they screw it up and settle for 3. With an average offense KU is up 14-3. Bender missing a wide open Sims hurt as well.

  • You mean Meacham wasn’t the problem? Shocker. And good lord, Bender is bad.

  • Gotta be fired today!

  • Now pooka fumbles at the 3 smh, 2 possessions inside the 5 and 3 points. You cant win like that.

  • Oc job is speeding up the process

  • The defense was in position to pick passes there just got out jumped, dont matter when the o is this bad.

  • I don’t give a dam. - -When your so called starting QB is 7-21 for 48 yards in a half? -this guy is sad - -spelt with a Capital S - and the incompletions weren’t even close - all the back shoulder passes didn’t have a chance. - All I keep hearing is how he is out of sync - off . If you have a QB that can’t do any better then that --luck y he hasn’t had a couple of these things picked off. - - you mean to tell me Kendricks or Carter can’t do better then that- --don’t waste your breathe cause I call BULL SHIT.

    At least with either one of those guys they would at least have to respect the run more --with Bender he doesn’t know how to run and these teams just laugh when he is in. - Can’t run - -can’t throw the ball worth a dam

    The Defense has played well enough no way should this be the score at half. -they have given the offense ample opportunity , Beaty doesn’t give a shit - -he is gone anyways. - Defense gives them the ball 1st and Goal at the 3 and we have to settle for a filed goal - -we turn it over inside the 5 there is 14 points right there. - -Then like they said on one of the legit drives Tech had - it wasn’t that the defender wasn’t in the right place it was a guy who is 6’1 --going against a 6’6 guy he just reached over him - great positioning just height. We have caused 3 to opportunities - -and we got 2 0f them - -this is not on the defense- -it our offense SUCKS if you wanna call it an offense

  • BShark said:

    You mean Meacham wasn’t the problem? Shocker. And good lord, Bender is bad. Saying Bender is bad is probably the understatement of the decade 7-21 and 48 yards in a half - - OMFG - -another great grad transfer -transfer what ever the hell he is - just another in a long line of Jokes

  • I guess I dont get pulling Stanley after 2 bad drives against WV, yet keeping in Bender all game when he had one good drive. I feel bad for the defense, they got some turnovers and just ran outta gas letting up 21 in the 4th.

  • @kjayhawks the defense played solid. – I mean what do you expect when they keep giving the ball to the offense and we get NOTHING.

    Our defense had 5 possible to’s they got 2 back and our Defense recovered 3 -leading the nation with 22. - -the question is what has our offense done with those opportunities - -not squat I feel bad for the defense - Bender is sorry - -sorry.

    The defense gives the ball to the offense inside the Tech 10 - -Bender Int. - - The defense take it away gives the offense the ball at the Tech 3 - - 1st and goal and can’t get 3 yards - -3 points – Tech takes over at the KU 36 - -comes away with zero points - -Defense gets a couple of sacks - -they don’t deserve this. - -I mean hell when Tech runs at least 80 plays because our sorry offense you can’t keep putting the Defense in bad position time after time they gonna tire out I mean come on Holy Crap But yet watch OL PEYTON will be out starting again - -a fricking joke

  • Bender continuing to get starts just shows that Beaty is being too stubborn. Stanley has been more productive overall, but Beaty wants Bender to be the guy.

    I have been a Beaty apologist in the past, but he has failed this season in every appreciable way. He must go at the end of this season.

  • I think Beaty is fired tomorrow or Monday.

  • @Woodrow Hope so man…this was really bad today.

  • I would be fine if they did but I highly doubt Beaty is let go at this point in the season.

  • @justanotherfan agree , my point exactly. - -Beaty knows he is gone , so he doesn’t give a kahoot. - -I’ve always been a Beaty backer but this year he has chapped my ass. Like I said couple of weeks ago - -I can’t do it anymore - -he isn’t giving me anything to work with.

    Your exactly right his bull headiness is incredible - - Bender 17-40 with a pick–that’s not cutting it. - -Thing is AFTER this year don’t be surprised at all if Pooka doesn’t transfer I’m tellin ya hide and watch. Beaty is the OC again now, you tell me WHY the hell when you have 1st and goal from the 3 you come out and THROW the ball on the 1st two downs of that series? Especially when Herbert and Pooka had some sweet runs. - -Someone please tell me why on our opening drive WHY after Pooka takes the 1st play from scrimmage runs for a 1st down or gets like 7-8 yards WHY does he not touch the ball again in that series? - -Mainwhile back at the ranch bender starts his awesome display of throwing by rattling off 7 straight incompletions.

    These are calls that’s being made from our OC - -Coach Beaty - -great play making/calling decisions Coach

  • Woodrow said:

    I think Beaty is fired tomorrow or Monday.

    NOPE as bad as it is - -he will finish the year

  • Woodrow said:

    I think Beaty is fired tomorrow or Monday.

    It only makes sense. The 2 wins against two very poor teams proved nothing and agains real competition it is back to being a poorly coached team. Might as well officially start the search for a new coach and give him a chance to pick up a few recruits; it is not like KU is going to lose any players if Coach Beaty is let go now.

  • @JayHawkFanToo A new coach wouldn’t be named until December anyway. I guarantee Long has already been talking to agents to gauge interest among potential coaches, but if it’s a current coach and not Les Miles, they wouldn’t be able to take the job until December anyway.

    This is going to be a throwaway recruiting year with whoever the new coach is basically taking whatever he can get and trying to hit the ground running for 2020 recruiting.

  • HEY HEY HEY -found out TCU starting QB Shawn Robinson is out for the season gonna have some kind of shoulder surgery - -has had this from sometime back he played last week but got replaced after the 3rd series - - Collins will be making his 1st start. - -This kid is not the starter? - -looked pretty good to me plus others - -now I’m not trying to wish bad luck or hoping they get injured but just saying.Then on top of that Kavantae Turpin has been suspended for Assault on his girlfriend and won’t play - - -the guy is a stud - -so what all this means is - - we only get beat by 21 instead of 40 - - we have NO OFFENSE. - - Maybe the 50,000 empty seats can intimidate them enough we can kick a couple of field goals lol

  • @jayballer73 Turpin, who had a kick off return for a TD against OU Saturday and is easily their best player was just kicked off of the team for domestic assault. Second time he has been arrested for it in the past year. The stars are aligned for a KU victory, too bad Beaty will screw it up just like he did the KSU game last year.

  • @kjayhawks

    Ya it sounds like the kid is in some trouble , sounds like he worked the woman over pretty good - -dragging her across the complex lot something like that with her screaming , kicking and such. I seen him last Saturday - well actually have seen him form a couple of games this year, pretty dam fast. Like you say though isn’t gonna matter.

    Our offense can’t do squat and the defense will wear down from having to be on the field for 75% of the game- - sad

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