• I don’t know what the big deal is, it is just 3 mature nba players rationally talking things through.

  • I hate to say but I 100% agree that Wigs flatout doesn’t play hard most of the time. I wouldn’t say he’s only one, thats part of the reason the nba sucks these days. They got their big contracts why go hard? NBA in the 80s and 90s was light years better, I’m lucky I am just old enough to have watched guys like Bird, Jordan, Magic and others go out there to battle. Basketball wasn’t soft back then, guys didn’t get Techs for yelling, they got them for throw downs.


    imo, Stephen Jackson is right on the money with Wiggs. He has no heart! I mean, I liked him and was a fan of his when he was at KU. But, he doesn’t seem to want to excel. He doesn’t have the drive necessary to be a great player. That’s the heart of the issue. If Wiggins cared enough to try, he could be an all star!

  • Wiggs is a great example of a failed OAD system. He would have been served much better going straight to the NBA. He basically spent a year as a trust fund kid and could have cared less about the year he spent in Lawrence. Ended up going into the NBA with just a backwards mindset.

  • @Kcmatt7 I love wiggs! He was the best defender here, that year. I think he did everything the coaches asked of him. He’s a laid back dude, and I get what you mean. He had a bad last game here, but I don’t recall any other bad game. He caused no trouble and set a scoring record. I’d love to have that year back w/a healthy embiid!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think him coming here was big for us. But, he was a legit 6’8 with a 40+ inch vertical. He could have had a line of 25 ppg, 8 RBD, 2 STL, 2 BLK if he gave 100% effort. He is a generational type of athlete. He did what he did here without even trying. Being successful without giving 100% effort is not a motivating thing though. It definitely hurt his development imo.

  • The problem with Wigs was not him doing what the coaches asked. It was always him doing what he was capable of doing.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I don’t agree that Wiggins did not play hard at KU, he played great defense and he has better scoring numbers than Manning or Josh Jackson had as freshmen. I believe it is more of a question of perception, he is such a gifted athlete that makes it look easy and fans tend to see it as not playing hard; also, the KU system under Coach Self does not lend itself for a player to be a high scorer in the manner that Trae Young was at OU.

  • I was trying to stay out of this discussion lol. Anyway, if you think Wiggins played hard or even kind of comparable to Josh I question if you were really watching the games. If you asked Self after he was given truth serum he’d say Wiggins was soft af.

    I am not anti-Wiggins overall by any means. Hell of a player, just could have been even better.

  • @BShark

    I am not saying that other players did no play harder, I am just saying he played plenty hard as well and saying otherwise is very unfair to him. Just my opinion.

  • I think he loafed and drifted a lot.

    Being an average shooter definitely did not help him though.

  • Josh has such an intense personality, and plays with such a fury, I can’t recall anyone playing like he did. I think Wigs is detached emotionally from the game to some degree …maybe it’s a cultural Canadian thing. If he ever got emotionally connected to the game, he could start All Star games.

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