• Banned

    The world has gone mad

    This is a joke right?

  • Everybody knows

    That the world is full of stupid people

    So meet me at the Taco Bell at midnight

    We’ll divvy up there. 🎶

  • All restaurants are Taco Bell in the future. Haven’t you watched Demolition man? Lol what a bunch of malarkey!

  • Ok just one more fond memory.

    Dion Rayford, that Taco Bell screwed up every one of my orders too! Thanks, man!!! 😂 😂 😂

  • “Best” has some alternate meaning to these people. Subway best sandwich shop - really?

  • It seems to me that a survey like this, asking people nationally about restaurants, is bound to deliver an extensive chain as the winner. How many national Mexican restaurants are there? Chipotle is more SW “fusion” in offerings, Moe’s SW Grill is pretty limited, and there aren’t that many more that aren’t really just regional. So, even if Taco Bell were to be 3rd or 4th in any given region, those numbers can add up.

    We saw the beginnings of 5 Guys in the Washington DC area, and it was still only in the mid-Atlantic by the mid to late 90’s. I had no idea they are now in 35 states, but their stuff is so good that I see how even a limited market got them to the top. No frills, just good really dangerous stuff.

  • You mean the bar up the street with the kick ass burgers didn’t make the list because it only had one location in a town of 1500? We need an electorate college of food voting to make this fair. Lol

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