• Cranky bastards everywhere are applauding this wacko move:

  • When I was ten and I grabbed a neighbor’s electric fence set up to keep the neighbor’s German short hair inside the fence, and I got jolted off my feet, my dad asked if the fence was still ok?

    Times change, I guess.

  • Unfortunately it’s agaibs the city ordinance here to have an electric (or razor wire) fence. Motion activated sprinklers will have to do. 😂

  • I think everyone out in my neck of the woods has dealt with electric fences at some point. Some of us used to do it off of a dare, cough cough lol. Parents these days crack me up, maybe your kids should just listen and stay off his lawn. If you can’t make them follow a simple rule like that how are they gonna follows laws when they are adults. Destruction of others property was one way to meet a leather belt in my household growing up. I did some stupid stuff no doubt but stealing (not that they are stealing) and messing with others property wasn’t it.

  • @kjayhawks I remember some hi school boys that were hunting when one of them took a leak and guess what?🤣

  • @Crimsonorblue22 that’ll help wake a fella up on cold winter morning hunting haha

  • There was a house behind left center of my high school baseball field. Not trying to brag, but I could put some balls out of the park. Well my buddy and I were bored on a summer day and decided to go to the field and hit some balls. We probably hit 4 or 5 into his yard the first round. When we go to retrieve them, the old guy says if we ever do it again he’ll call the cops on us. HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A FENCE!! Of course the first thing I did was hit about 10 more in his yard out of spite. Of course he calls the cops (not knowing that my dad is a cop) and they come out… and then they have a wack at a few too lol. Old Balls was pissed.

    Just don’t be the old cranky guy. If you don’t like being by the bus stop, call the school and see if they can move it. Put a trash can at the corner where they stand. Quit mowing the part of the lawn that is outside your property line. But don’t be the cranky old guy. It always ends up backfiring.

  • The guy put up the fence, and it wasn’t even on his property line. I’m all for kids behaving, but to put up an electric fence in an area where you know young kids will be is just evil, imo.

  • @KUSTEVE the type of guy that deserves to get teepeed until the end of time.

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