• Thank you, Frank for helping us bridge the gap to bb season. Tear 'em up!

  • This is a tough team to put together. You need guys with talent, obviously, but you can’t get the top players (no one wants to risk their stars that close to the start of the season). You also can’t get guys that don’t have contracts locked in - no one wants to risk injury when they don’t have a guaranteed deal. So you are looking at guys that are young and trying to establish themselves, but on guaranteed contracts so they aren’t risking losing their roster spot (and career).

    Frank fits right in that mold, and I think he could play a key role on this team.

  • Frank made the team! Couldn’t happen to a better person

  • Even Superman had problems with Kryptonite. The NBA is full of Kryptonite.

    Go, Frank, go!!!

  • His hair is going to get so huge for USA team.


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