Kietzman and the KU Conspiracy Theory

  • Yesterday WHB brought back a Spinal Specialist for a second time to delve into Coach Self knowing more than he really was saying about Joel and went down the road to accusing him of being a coach who plays kids when they are hurt. This brought back memories of his 3 day rant wanting to portray Roy Williams as a person who disrespects the American Flag and all of the brave men and women who have fought and given their lives for this country -

    In the meantime, Joel has not been on the court, he has not played and every KU Player and fan and Coach Self wants him to be well and no one wants to jeopardize his career at KU or in the pros. Last week after Senior night he accused Self of saying one thing and doing another when Self said it was a night for the Seniors. " Then why would he ask for applause for Wiggins, Joel, Perry and the rest of the players and why would he have Harbaugh come to speak to the players if he knew that Nikko would be overshadowed by Harbaugh sinking a half court shot while shooting with the ball boys and having that shot shown on ESPN." Even the other sports writers that listen to Kietzman were making fun of him in tweets. It’s all about the ratings…

  • Kietzman is KSU hack and has zero credibility when it comes to anything related to KU. I quit listening to him a long time ago.

  • First off let me begin by saying I prefer to refrain from blatant name calling, however in this instance here goes anyway…

    Kietzman is a D head grad (that’s the rumor) from silo tech that is best chums with misery guy, Jack Harry & floundering Frank Boal. These are about the most biased talking heads around other than Douggie, pants on backards, Gottlieb. KK tries to make people think he of German heritage instead of Jewish, so I have to gauge him in the same light as left winger George, I’ll say anything for money, Soros. Sorry, I just had to let it out !!

  • Last night the “between the lines” guys were saying that Jo Jo’s parents hate Self. Where would anyone get that info from Cameroon?

  • @wrwlumpy In an unrelated story the Screen Actors Guild will not be giving Marcus Smart any awards for acting this year. They can’t believe how bad his over acting is and he is getting away with it.

  • His job is to get ratings and does a good job at it by saying stupid stuff. The other day he said, the truth will come out now, as the California doctor isn’t on the Kansas payroll. Not even at KK low intelligence does he really think any Dr. would violate the hippa laws. He said JE family has shut this down, zero chance JE would play even if we advance to FF. He just pretends to be stupid, but it isn’t hard for him. He was always a bit upset that MU was our rival and we wanted to beat KSU yet not so bad as MU. I try to listen less and certainly not shop at his sponsors or people that know his sponsors. Back shopping at the plaza again now that 810 sports grille went belly up on the plaza.

  • Here’s Kevin’s side of all this.

    Open Letter About KU, Show Mar 12, 2014 – 10:10am

    By Kevin Kietzman

    It’s been a bad couple weeks for KU basketball and my inbox and Twitter are stuffed with more than I can handle. So here’s an open letter to all those I can’t respond to and any fans of any other teams in the past or future that will be upset with our work on Between the Lines:

    First let me say that I greatly appreciate anyone that listens to the show, it’s been an honor to do this going on 17 years. Over the years, we have angered the Chiefs, Royals, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri fans equally. We were the first to report the drug dealing scandal in the locker room at Arrowhead. I was the guy that confronted Gunther Cunningham about his two point conversion chart, proving it was wrong and it was changed. I challenged Scott Pioli about his position on quarterbacks and created quite a stir. He was fired months later.

    We’ve beaten a drum constantly about David Glass never moving to Kansas City as he promised and putting his son, clearly in over his head, in charge of the Royals. Kansas has had a volatile football coach banned from his own son’s high school football games and an FBI ticket scandal that’'s landed employees in prison. We got clobbered by fans for reporting these things and providing edgy commentary. I was the guy that made fun of Kansas State President Jon Wefald when he made some comments about the University of Texas and tried to take them back saying he didn’t know the internet would reach all the way to Texas. Bill Snyder famously called our studio control room years ago when I was reporting a story that he had not given his Big 12 Title rings to his players months after they won, because he wasn’t happy with the way they were performing. I first reported the rift between Frank Martin and AD John Currie’s compliance staff and weeks later he left KSU for South Carolina.

    And Mizzou, well, they haven’t been real happy with my stance on the SEC and they hate it when I say they don’t play Kansas anymore because they chose to leave. We played the Ricky Clemons tapes on the air. And we reported, way back in 1999 that Norm Stewart was out at Mizzou and fans and other media outlets were saying our report was just an April Fool’s joke.

    This is why I cannot, and will not, take any e-mail or Tweet seriously that accuses me or our show of bias. We have years of proof on our side. Currently, Kansas fans are mad at us because Bill Self put his foot in his mouth. I didn’t do it for him and he’s normally great in the media and great at handling this stuff. But the Joel Embiid injury situation has been an uncharacteristic fiasco. The contradictions in all of this continue today as Self, just hours after saying he wouldn’t have any further comment, talked to’s Tom Keegan about the timeline of all that went down with Embiid. As much as I love Tom Keegan, and Bill Self for that matter, I was left asking even more questions. “Why” is always the best question and it’s even more unclear today. Why, if the diagnosis didn’t change Monday, did Embiid’s playing status change?

    Bill Self told ESPN mid morning Monday that he was “100 percent” certain Embiid would play in Kansas City at the Big 12 Tourney or next week in the first round of the NCAA’s. The second opinion was a “precaution” and there won’t be any change. Ten hours later, KU basketball announces Embiid is out for Kansas City AND the first round of the NCAA’s? Set aside for a moment that this is KU and think of it as Mizzou. Or KSU or OSU or anyone else. Wouldn’t you think that something actually changed by visiting the second doctor? I sure think that and most people do.

    But the lifeline of college basketball is recruiting and the last thing Kansas wants, whether as fact or the mere appearance of such, is for potential recruits and families to think KU botched something with a stress fracture in the back of the number one pick in the draft. I’d be in damage control mode, too.

    And finally, no matter who your team is or what the issue is, know this. If you reach out to me in any way accusing me of an agenda or bias, I will laugh inside and you will have just complimented me on doing my job extremely well. It’s worked for nearly 17 years so pack your lunch. I’ve got at least 17 more left if I choose.

  • @wrwlumpy As much as I enjoy eating, I never have, nor will ever dine at an 810 sports zone greasy spoon. Won’t have it on a radio preset either. Keitzman has always acted like a smart elec punk since his early gig at WDAF tv decades ago and whoever said he is jealous because KU enjoys beating down misery more than ksu was damn sure right. Kstate may suck, but misery swallows !! Don’t ever forget it !!

  • @globaljaybird need a list of advertisers .

  • @Crimsonorblue22-Two I know of for certain are Smoke n’ Fire, and Title Boxing. If you google the first one they have some absolutely awful reviews. Don’t know about the latter.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Kietzman is factually incorrect. He claims that:

    “Bill Self told ESPN mid morning Monday that he was “100 percent” certain Embiid would play in Kansas City at the Big 12 Tourney or next week in the first round of the NCAA’s.”

    This is what Coach Self actually said:

    ““I’m optimistic he’ll play soon,” Self said. “He’ll be back. I’m 100 percent optimistic he’ll be back. We just don’t know yet whether it will be this week or next week. We’re not going to put him out there until the doctors say he’s ready.””

    Coach Self did not even mention the Big 12 Tournament or when in the NCAA, this is just Kietzman putting words in Coach Self’s mouth to cover his miss-reporting.

    Here is the link to the article by Jeff Goodman in reference to the conversation on Monday March 10, 2014 that Kietzman cited.

    Link to ESPN story…

    Another point that he tries to make:

    “Why, if the diagnosis didn’t change Monday, did Embiid’s playing status change?”

    Any one that has seen a doctor and has gotten a second opinion knows that even when doctors agree on the actual cause, they often differ on the course of treatment. To its credit, KU chose not to take chances, selected the more conservative approach and decided to rest Embiid until he is fully healed. As the expression goes,there is no there…there. Most of us are smart enough to see through the BS.

  • I visited Smoke n Fire and got a nice presentation. Then went to Lowes bought the same Weber Genesis grille for same money, Hate to shop at national vs. locally owned yet made exception in this case for the 810 anti KU rants. The grille works great by the way.

  • @lighthawk that is awesome!

  • Next time you are in a Johnny’s sport bar in the KC area, leave note for manager, that you are here instead of 810 Zone for their anti KU rants, so why did they lately decided to advertise on KK show, makes no sense.

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