How to get the local government's attention

  • @approxinfinity The idea used by the English guy discussed in the last sentence would certainly work!

  • @mayjay loool, Wanksy 😂

  • A classic Canadian protest, eh?

  • @approxinfinity

    Good for those Revolution-averse Canadians.

    But in the rough and tumble of post 2016 election America, they would be investigated and reported on by 16 of 17 US Intel agencies (NSA conspicuously left out) for being possible transportation terrorists and if any had a connection to supporting Trump would be called before Mueller and be pressured into turning state’s witness and alleging Trump colluded with Putin on either the tomato plant, or the potting soil. Along the way HRC would blame her loss on the tomato planting stunt and deflect questions about the Clinton Foundation. Then the reputedly Deep State controlled media would report that a new Christopher Steele dossier would claim that Trump had laid down by the flourishing tomato plant in a Steve Bannon induced stunt and begged the Canadian transportation terrorists to golden rain on a prostrate Trump groping 39 women rolling in muddy potting soil in the middle of the street!!! Finally, John Brennan would, after a contract extension with his apparently anti-Trump network, allege Trump was treasonously involved with the tomato 🍅 planting terrorists with deep connections to a Russian-American Gardening NGO that Rachel Maddow, NYT and WAPO first assure was really a Putin directed spy organization, and then, when that allegation were refuted, allege Trump used the N BOMB at a White Nationalist rally held on top of Trump Tower last night!!! All of the above would be bubble filtered through Fox. And Lou Dobbs would be outraged, while Anderson Cooper at CNN would reputedly re-apply for CIA training.

    Oh, and NOONE would mention that the allegations could have been confirmed or refuted by review of the NSA intercepts and satellite images from the git-go.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • I thought you was gonna say spinning kitties in the mayors lawn!!!

  • Best way of getting their attention is to vote the bums out of office. Too bad we don’t use it as often as we should.

  • @jaybate-1.0 lolol. The conspicuously missing NSA intercepts confirmation is a nice touch.

    Clearly, in our post-production-edited reality, surveilling holistically and keeping a record at all events’ inceptions is the only way to be sure of what actually happened with these tomato plants.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    Best way of getting their attention is to vote the bums out of office. Too bad we don’t use it as often as we should.


    What you dream could never happen of course, until campaign contributions are rationally reinstituted to eliminate the buying of elections with MK Ultra and Advertising/PR techniques of voter mind control and every one with a working brain and not on the spook dole gets this.

    It’s so simple really. To vote the bums out, limit campaign contributions to $1 per free American as defined by the US Constitution prior to1867 constitution incorporation (lose the citizen as state property of the sovereign government and reset to free Americans of a sovereign nation), and $.01 per corporation and the corporation has to have taxable revenue over $1 Billion. Instant end of election buying by private oligarchy and its producer oligopoly corporations and controlled 5 holding company MSM, because the Deep State would quickly be rooted out and the MSM ownership would quickly diversify. So flipping easy. Could be done in a few years; that’s why the private oligarchy lspends so lavishly to obscure the remedy and distract and identity politic the public.

    Every candidate elected would shortly be the one promising and delivering on what the majority of free Americans want done.

    Are you strong enough to be MY private oligarchy? as Sheryl Crow might sing.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Oh, and you would also have to nationalize, or diversify, US private central bank ownership, while disengaging from Bank of International Settlements, too.

    The main thing would be to end 3 fortune control of the Fed via the Fed Advisory Board veto. The Fed advisory board dominated by the NY branch has always been the Trojan Horse that Paul Warburg instituted to keep the Fed controlled by the controlling share owners of the NY fed branch in his Quixotic quest for one world government backed by one world bank. The same controlling share holders of NY branch have reputedly existed, since 1913 enabling act: Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon. Sweet deal that lets them print money and spend it on their agenda. Over time, they win by wearing down opponents by vastly greater spending. No secret or conspiracy here. All above board.

    The point is enormous fiat monies have been printed and spent and enormous wars have been fought with that fiat money to make sure private oligarchic financialism always eventually compromises all popular, non compliant states, especially representative ones with popular vote schemes of election.

    Anyone that thinks voting alone under present constraints can sustainably restore our functioning republic from the private oligarchy President Carter says it has become is either somewhat underinformed, or perhaps disingenuous. There have always been a bunch of controlled apologists for the eclipse of the republic by private oligarchic rule.

    Voting can help. It occasionally introduces short term inintended consequences the ruling private oligarchy has to sick its Deep State on, and spend a bunch of untraceable fiat monies on to stamp out. But voting appears no longer enough to produce voter-responsive elected leaders , if it ever were since the 1913 Fed enabling legislation. Those with the money and Intel means to compromise elected officials, bureaucrats and think tanks increasingly appear to prevail, especially recently. Trump with a majority in both houses and a majority on the court can’t even get his government staffed. It’s pathetic, really.

    It increasingly appears nothing short of the changes I have outlined will likely liberate USA from its present apparent private oligarchic rule largely overriding voter feedback.

    And I haven’t even taken on the reinstitution needed to deal with the security-industrial complex and it’s $1 Trillion annual budget and misaccounted for $20-30 Trillion that rises dizzyingly each minute with interest.

    So: these changes I have outlined are quite improbable until the present private oligarchy becomes so threatened by the Shanghai Security Pact’s erection of the trans Eurasian super corridors and establishment of trans Eurasian grain and energy bourses in non Anglo-American central bank reserve currencies, that the private oligarchy has to willingly agree to re-subordinate itself to our republic and to yet another NEW DEAL of sorts to get the public to sacrifice the blood necessary to save the private central bankers from their own folly of having gutted the original New Deal and having subordinated our beloved republic in the first place. Greedy, selfish and brazen fools they were.


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