Offensive line

  • Gonna take a stab here at whom I believe will start across the line this season for Kansas. I’ll start with Center- Alex Fontana, transfered in from Houston. He started 5 games and saw action in 11 in 2016 after missing all of 2017 with an injury. With Mesa forced to retire after concussion issues hes probably a safe bet to win this job. Right Guard- Chris Hughes didn’t have a start a year ago but has come along very well as a sophomore. Left Guard- Andru Tovi, has great size and started several games here LY, was giving snaps as a center during the spring but didn’t seem to promising at that spot. Right Tackle- Clyde McCauley, another guy with good size and experience, was forced into starting 3 games ago at left tackle due to injuries. Left Tackle- Hakeem Adeniji, has been one of our best offensive lineman since stepping on campus in 2016 has made starts at several positions across the line in his time here. Is a little bit undersized at 6’3 300 but I believe he has a shot at the next level, played most of last year win both shoulders injured but still graded out as our best lineman. Everyone on this line has played plenty of snaps here outside of Fontana who played plenty for Houston in 2016. Looking at the experience level and the size of some of these guys, this group who also added OSU transfer Kevin Feder has at least a reasonable chance of being the best line we have had since 2009 or 10. Its still up air on who starts at QB but we have several talented RBs and WRs that can make plays if the line does their job first.

  • Having a solid line could help this team get to the 3 or 4 win mark, which would be a mark of some real, tangible on field progress.

  • @justanotherfan on paper we should be much improved on both sides of the ball. Returning 9 starters on offense and defense, but I honestly don’t trust this staffs ability to develop players.

  • I’m very interested to just see what size we have on the line. Last two seasons our guys have been grossly undersized. If the the strength and conditioning program is actually at a D1 level, they should be pretty close to a normal P5 line this season. At least size-wise.

    What should really help is more depth. We have added some guys so the drop off to a second stringer should be less.

    If the line improves, the entire offense should look much better.

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