Just Having a Little Fun with All the AD and Beatty Spec by Inverting It

  • For Comic Effect!!! 😀

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  • Maybe just one thread next time?

  • Are you as drunk as I am right now? lol

  • @jaybate-1-0 I appreciate your variety of posts on this, restored them. @BShark I’ve revoked your moderator privileges, sorry dude.

  • @approxinfinity I understand. I wish I could have merged them all.

    No one really appreciates jaybate. He just posts literal nonsense. He is awful and frequently brings nothing of substance. I assume it’s because he is like 85 but man, he could probably do better. He’s like the guy on the street corner babbling. Or anyone on crazy people forums that talk about how Taylor Swift has been replaced by a body double, probably a lizard person and she is part of a secret deep state with the pope who is trying to create a new world order.

    Oh man I can be Jaybate too!

    I’m going to be off of here for awhile. Seems for the best. Anyone worth contacting should already have my info.

  • I’d like jaybate to be able to read that if possible. He needs a dose of reality, instead of having his hand held.

  • I think you need to sleep this one off man. I consider jaybate a friend, and feel he is one of the most creative people I know. I do not want anyone other than jaybate to suppress jaybate’s posts, unless he is being an a-hole, which he is not here.

  • I like Jaybate. Don’t read all his stuff, classic, scroll past, but as a creative thinker myself, his stuff is fun to read.

  • As far as I am concerned, Jaybate is a treasure. He might be right- he might be wrong. But he is always entertaining with his style, and his panache. You guys need to move the eyeballs back a bit and see the big picture here - you have one of the greatest fans of KU Basketball in the history of the sport, who happens to write with a flair, zeal, and sometimes slightly poetic license to keep us amused, and thinking.

  • Don’t have to enjoy something to appreciate it.

  • Wait a minute… there are people who DON’T appreciate Jaybate??? This is the guy who literally invented “PHOF”.

  • I probably am 50/50 on jaybate1.0, he has his moments that are funny and good posts. But there definitely are some posts that worry me from a mental stand point if he is ok. That being said it doesn’t really matter to me, if I don’t like it, won’t comment or read all of it. I’ve always said I’m fine to agree to disagree with anyone. Just my 2 cents on the matter

  • I am not a regular poster, but I am pretty sure Jaybate is just enjoying the Jayhawks and the conversation around their basketball team. I don’t read all of his stuff, or anyone elses- sometimes his are just too long… I enjoy the conversations overall from everyone. I don’t even pay that much attention to who is posting.

    Kinda silly, in my opinion, to judge anyone here. I think it is supposed to be fun.

  • Holy Moly, I never saw this thread until today when I was trying to understand the new BShark-is-missing thread! I was at Disney and with grandkids for about 10 days, and didn’t care to keep reading AD & Zenger things, not knowing what I was missing.

    Anyway, better late than never @JayhawksandChill: you captured it all perfectly, so, PHOF!!!

  • Everyone knows I am a Jaybate fan. His literary creativity is unmatched in a sports forum. But he is like a specific wine and will always have his critics along with his fans. In his better posts I become drunk in his alphabet soup. Campbell’s soup with a shot of tequila. Wine? Tequila? Not sure why I’m focused on alcohol today. I barely touch the stuff.