Little Known Fact

  • Doke was a PG before he got to KU. Self has been playing him out of position this whole time.

  • @BShark Yeah, but that was before he turned 4 years old. Then he had a growth spurt.

  • @BShark I’m really not understanding the purpose of this thread. Is there some point you are trying to make by starting a specific thread to mock another poster? One whose threads create significant discussion and dialogue, much of which is outside of the box that we’d be in if he chose not to involve himself with such efforts. I’m not asking that you take it down, just reconsider when the thought strikes in the future.

  • Oh lordy lol. -I was going to mention before I saw a response to your thread , I think I’m gonna change your user name to STIR STICK-- -just wanting to stir the pot lol. Now as for me , I sure have no problem with this thread you simply bringing up a fact.

    Sometimes people just have differences of opinions and that’s fine right? - -that’s what make the world go round, I know I’ve got taken to the shed more then once here and & I’m like whatever and will just move on even though some want to just continue for the sake of argument - sorry I’m not into that lol. - I guess what I’m trying to say buddy I’m giving you jokingly hell here and seriously there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to post what you want - I do whether they are well received or not I have found that there are a few that just don’t lie being wrong or have people disagree with and that’s ok too - -that’s what makes America great = freedom of speech - - opinion - -choice. Everyone is not gonna agree on everything right? - Now I’m not even sure if you put this thread as half a stir stick or you were simply pointing out a fact- -maybe some of both - but as far as I’m concerned me personally - -your just fine , I really think you have some very informative posts - -especially on recruiting love the information. Bottom line is buddy you just keep on doing what you do. - -I’m sure I might catch some heat but I’m a big boy - -I can take it lmao. - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HighEliteMajor

    This thread was made in jest and I don’t find it any worse than some of the posts between say, you and mayjay.

  • @BShark What you feel is your business. I very much like and respect both of you. My observation was solely related to the consideration of creating a thread for the purpose.

  • @HighEliteMajor Fair enough, but I just really don’t see it as worse than some of the other engagements here.

    JB himself has made some threads like this. 😉

  • Just note that it is (All fiction, no malice) and it’s ok to post. Fwiw, it’s funny and clearly a joke from my pov. If JB is going to post whackadoo posts all over the place or make claims without doing any research whatsoever than he should be ok with getting made fun of for it from time to time.

  • I thought it was funny. This is the point of having a forum.

  • @BShark Huh? HEM and I have never had any disputes ever about anything. We are the least disputatious pair on the Board!

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