Andy Reid

  • Here’s what TO had to say about Andy.

    Asked to compare Garrett to Andy Reid, who coached the Philadelphia Eagles during Owens’ two seasons there in 2004 and 2005, T.O. said there was no comparison.

    “That’s a slam dunk,” Owens said. "Andy Reid is by far the best coach that I’ve had. And I say that because he realized the talent that I had and he utilized me to the best of my abilities.

    “… I knew what I provided. I knew my skill set, and Andy Reid utilized me to the best of my ability. I was playing lights-out when I played for Philadelphia. If I would have continued to play there, there’s no telling what my statistics would have been at the end of my career.”

  • I kinda scoffed at Andy when he coached at Philly. They always flamed out in the playoffs. After watching the coaching debacle that was Gunther Cunningham, Herm Edwards, Romeo Crennel I can really appreciate how good Andy actually is. He gets a lot out of his guys, but does revert to too many passes in the playoffs. I suppose I’ll forgive him if Mahomes turn out to be the gunslinger they think they have.

  • @dylans Oh, the dude can throw the ball alright. Can anybody block for him or catch it when it gets there? We’ll see.

  • Reid is def an above average coach. Just from an outside perspective Garrett appears to be a moron.

  • @nuleafjhawk Watkins, Hill, Kelce, Hunt can all catch. The line well…it’s been worse.

  • @dylans Gunther C always looked like he knew he was in way over his head, and as if he was wondering when everybody else was going to figure it out.

    Herm on the sidelines always seemed to me to be in the clouds somewhere as if he was hoping he would wake up and find out that the game really was a nightmare instead of just feeling like one.

  • @mayjay You play to win the game! You play to win the game? You play to win the game!!! Herm trying to convince himself in front of the media.

    I liked Gun as the D coordinator. A real hard ass, but it fell apart as the coach and he never got his mojo back.

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