I dont get all the hype about matthew hurt

  • Maybe I am alone in this. I’ve watched a few game tapes of Matthew hurt who is said to be the most recruited player in the 2019 class. There are a few positives to his game he shoots the ball well and he is technically and fundamentally sound maybe he’s just a highly skilled player. But I really don’t understand how he’s the fifth-ranked player in this class.

    Maybe this class is just really not all that great. But his game does not jump out to me. He seems very slow and unathletic not to mention I hate that he shoots a set jumpshot. He doesn’t seem to have a tight handle on the ball and he also doesn’t seem to take many players off the dribble. Right now he looks like a kid to me then is benefiting from being the biggest kid on the court but I’m unimpressed.

    Maybe seeing him play against some stiff competition would convince me. But I just don’t see how he’s so highly ranked. Not saying he’s not a good player. I just don’t see how he’s the fifth-ranked player in the nation.

  • @ReggieKansas

    Wouldn’t say your alone. I was thinking a lot of the same things last summer. I have seen a big improvement since then from him. I’m hopeful he continues on this path.

    His skill level is very high. I expect he’ll be a high impact player as a freshman. He’s a 4 man at the College level. Might get multiple seasons out of him because he’s not a crazy athlete.

  • @BeddieKU23 I’ve already started seeing his name popping up in mock drafts I think if he’s a lottery pick he’s going to leave and maybe I just need to see more of his play this style play just doesn’t jump off the screen to me it’s going to be interesting to see how he develops

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