So Sean Manaea

  • Complete badass. 😞

    Ultimately the WS win was great and important, but a shame they had to trade him off.

  • Don’t even get me started.

    The way I see it, the Royals should have between $46.5M and $65.5M spent in better places if not for the WS push. And they should be contenders again this season and for another 4 or 5 years at least. The only trade I would consider a “win” under GMDM would be the Zach Greinke trade. I could be persuaded the Shields and Davis trade was a draw. Other than that, you are feeling the after effects of GMDM trades this season. He sold the future for immediate short-term results and then inflated the payroll long-term at the same time. That caused us to be unable to bring back our best players. Now we have a great shot at losing 100 games for the next 4 seasons.

    You got me started…

  • If the Royals make no trades and do not resign Gordon:

    • C - Salvy - $8.5M
    • 1B - Hosmer - $21M
    • 2B - Whit - $600k
    • 3B - Moose - $5.5m
    • SS - Mondesi - $600k
    • LF - Cain - $14M
    • CF - Dyson - $3.5M
    • RF - Myers - $2M
    • DH - Bonifacio - $600K


    • Duffy - $14M
    • Finnegan $600K
    • Manaea $600K
    • Odorizzi - $6.3M
    • Junis - $600K

    That team is loaded. The MLB club would cost about $100M. Compared to this year, where we are at $130M. So there is room to pay some of these guys and continue to grow, all while developing your younger guys to replace them in the future. This is what the Cards do, and why they are successful and competitive nearly every season.

  • Ehh that would be tons better than what they currently have, but not a contender.

    I’ve watched the Royals train up and send off talent for decades. I’m just glad they figured out how to hold on to some of it long enough to win a World Series. Now it’s back to normal for a few years. I hope to see the post season again in a decade or two.

  • @dylans I know I’m probably in the minority, but I’d rather watch .500 baseball the rest of my life than .300 baseball where we win a WS once every 30 years.

    I watch sports to escape. It’s hard to escape when your team sucks 27 of every 30 years.

  • @Kcmatt7 .500 ball isn’t any fun for me to watch either. On The bright side Royals tickets are super cheap again. My Royals fandom is pretty shallow though. I watched all of a dozen games in the 2 ws appearance years. I’ve watched another dozen games since the strike. I used to watch 20-30 Royals games and 50-60 Braves a year before the strike. Now no Braves and very little Royals. The strike taught me how little I need baseball as a source of entertainment.

  • @dylans I just want the hope. The 2nd wildcard gave small market teams an avenue to sneak in. Playing .500 ball gives you hope. And hope is all I want. Same for KU basketball and the Chiefs. All I want is hope we can win it all.

  • @Kcmatt7 There is no hope.

    Would I trade one World Series win for mediorcrity? No. Let’s up the ante’ HEM style. Would I trade one World Series win for 14 division titles…? As as casual fan I’d say no. If I watched nearly every game as my brother in-law does I might say yes. But the agony of being close yet so far may be worse than being horrible.

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