Anyone watching NBA Playoffs?

  • Truusssst the proooooccceeeessssss!

  • Of course!

  • Just betting on them lol.

  • Embiid has passed the concussion protocol and waiting to be cleared by the team which will likely be the third game on Thursday.

  • Celtics Bucks is gonna be a battle all series.

  • @BShark I’ll take the Bucs with no Kyrie.


  • lololol this game

  • Ha I missed it dude. I’m doing HW at the moment unfortunately. I still think the Bucks take the series.

  • Marcus had a nice game with several key plays at the end. The 2 3s to end regulation were amazing.

  • I’m trying to get into this season, haven’t really tried in several years. But seems how spring has decided it’s gonna wait, I’m watching while stuck inside. I’m hoping to see a 76ers vs Thunder finals, doubtful but you never know.

  • Rozier is legit. His emergence is the silver lining with Kyrie out. Will be interesting to see how Smart /Rozier/Irving plays out.

    Was a weird end with Giannis mauling Horford as the refs swallowed their whistle to prevent giving him his 6th foul, then a few sequences later having a ref override his buddy’s jump ball call to award Giannis his 6th on an awful call. Really garbage reffing, or worse.

  • Unlike game 1, this Philly game might be won by the slimmest of margins, possibly by Amir Johnson!

  • @approxinfinity I hit a nice lick on Draft Kings last week. I wheeled New Orleans and the guards opposing them, and threw in Simmons, and won a nifty $125 on a .50 cent bet. Even w/o Embiid, I’m pulling for Philly… just for Simmons going off. And New Orleans is by far the favorite team of all degenerate gamblers. Any guard that can hit a 3 absolutely sets career highs against the Pelicans, and Holiday, Rondo, Mirotic, and the Brow are just money in the bank.

  • Charles Barkley is off his rocker again.


  • Kcmatt7 said:


    Tough game for Bron haters tonight

  • Harden, the NBA scoring leader had a bad night shooting 2-18 from the field and 1-10 from 3. Wiggins had 13 points! 8 rebounds! 3 assists and 1 block but both teams shot extremely poorly, the Wolves 38.8% and the Rockets 36.5%.

  • Wiggins has to be better than he was in Game 2 if Minnesota is going to steal a game or two this series.

  • justanotherfan said:

    Wiggins has to be better than he was in Game 2 if Minnesota is going to steal a game or two this series.

    Yeah I just don’t see it. They kind of fired their shot game one and still lost.

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    For the haters

  • i had Teague and Butler in my draft kings lineup last night. I was cruising along …had like 240 points, so I’m thinking got a real good shot at making some good $$$. So, I go to bed early…wake up, and couldn’t believe how badly they played. I didn’t win a penny.

  • @BShark

    That’s the kind of graph that demonstrates just how great Lebron is. Harden is incredible offensively, and still lags well behind Lebron. There aren’t many people above Lebron defensively, either. Seeing the visual cluster around the middle, and only a handful of people emerging from that is a pretty good view.

  • @BShark ha. I’m a hater, but awesome graphic. I hope Rozier continues to torch Bledsoe.

  • I knew it was gonna be crazy after the obvious FU game coming from Lebron in game 2 but yeah it really shows it well.

  • This Sixers Heat series is A++++. Hope it goes 7.

  • @BShark mask is killing Embiid’s game

  • Embiid gets comfy! Back in the flow!

  • ESPN Stats & Info ‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 56s56 seconds ago

    Joel Embiid drew 10 fouls in the 76ers’ Game 3 win, the 11th time this season that he has drawn at least 10 fouls.

    Only Anthony Davis (19) has more such games spanning the 2017-18 regular season and playoffs.

  • LeBron is amazing, too bad he plays with a bunch of scrubs. Maybe his next team will be better.

  • Has LeBron dribbled yet during the playoffs?

  • @dylans story of LeBrons life. Have a feeling it would have been his life story no matter his profession, but hey, I’m a hater :)

  • LEbron has to score 46 for the Cavs to win by 3. Perhaps I could stack some Pacers tonight on Draft Kings.

  • I’m going with John Wall to go off tonight in the Wizards first home playoff game. Their back is against the wall, So Wall will ball, and that’s not all. I’m also going with the Greek Freak to really just dominate the Celts tonight. Yes, it is hard to fade LEbron, but I figure his ownership will be sky high, and Giannis could do just as well as LEbron, if not better, and Giannis DK salary is cheaper, which allows me to roster Wall.

  • Apparently Tripper isn’t Dukes only dirty player (newsflash!) Joel’s mask got knocked off and Winslow of the Heat tried to step on it or walk off with it or something like that. It was a little unclear from the video I saw.

  • @wissox Joel said Winslow stepped on the goggles and tried to beak the mask with his hands. Then Joel laughed at him and said he has 50 of the masks.

    ESPN article link to this in the Embiid thread if you’d like to give it a look.

  • @dylans Justise Winslow was only able to complete a few credits of general douchebaggery studies while at Duke. Unlike Grayson, he didn’t fulfill enough credits to earn his BFA (big f’n a-hole)

  • @approxinfinity or maybe Greyson earned a BS (best sweeps). Either way.

  • Speaking of duke, that pic of coach k congratulating frank after we beat them, makes me 🤮. Frank has a less than thrilled look on his face too. I just saw that pic recently. Yuck!

  • @approxinfinity Winslow was fined $15,000 for intentionally stepping on embiids mask. Hope it’s going to Embiid!

  • @wissox

    Duke has a proud tradition of having dirty players. If you look a the list of all-time most hated players in college basketball, it is full of Duke players.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Embid is smarter than most players he faces. To me, he is simply on another level pushing levers, and getting inside other team’s heads. He plays his opponents like a violin. Then he stomps them on the court.

  • Philly gets a good road win to push to a 3-1 lead. I actually enjoyed watching as I usually do when Philly is playing. Joel had a tough game with 8 turnovers (team had 25) but still managed a double double and some huge blocks in the forth. I was impressed with Wade, dudes well past his prime but still lead his team in scoring and dam near pulled it out for them. JJ Redick is one of the former hated dookies on Philly, but I don’t hes in the same category as Allen and CL, I don’t remember him being anywhere near as dirty.

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  • @approxinfinity

    No. Tried one game and it was like watching NIKE NOVA with quarters!

  • @BShark lololol so good

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’ve watched a good portion of the Philly games. Watching live on the rest hasn’t retained my interest as much as the box scores and storylines.

  • @BShark I will bet that practically every talking head/writer has made just as bad predictions as that clown. It’s what they do.They are educated way beyond their intelligence. Professional know nothings. Mirotic, along with the Rondo resurrection, and AD finally becoming the true focal point has made the Pelicans into a better team than when they were running the twin towers before Cousins got hurt. Thank God Dedric can shoot a 3, or I might say the same thing about us next with a Doke/Dedric stack.

  • @KUSTEVE Boogie made 2.2 threes pg this year. Davis .7 … I agree they seem to playing better ball but I haven’t watched them closely to have a good sense of it.

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