Man what am I missing?

  • Well just sitting herre on this Friday afternoon - listening to tidbits from the local raqdio sports talk about the final four. - - Been such a long week - -I’m ready. - -The one thing I just don’t get and it’ seems like it has been this way all year - -and now in the NCAA tourney. - -It just sure seems like we aern’t geting really much attention - -credit. - -Just like tommorow all I hear/read is when people are being asked who will be playing for the title same answer. - -OH I think it is going to be Villanova and Michigan - time and time again.

    I mean I get it I do I really get it , Could we very easily get beat Tommorrow? - - Sure we could - -BUT Could we win and advance to the title game? - -HELL YA we can - and I really don’t think it is really a big stretch to think that. - Yet the way I keep hearing they almost make it sound - -we stand no chance.

    Me for one , I think we have a very legit chance of winning. - I mean they talk how Villanova stretches the floor- -how they have such great shooters - -how they defend the 3 - - -what are we chopped liver? - We don’t stretch the floor? - -we don’t have really good shooters ? I’ll say this again I truly think that our guys are maybe playing with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder - -not giving enough credit. You’ll never hear them say it publicly at least right now. Tehy are talking about how Paschal & Booth are going to play such big factors -I get that too - -but my question is, if we come out knock down some 3’s and they then try to run us off the 3 - - then our dribble penetration - and kick outs - -who they have going to be able to match up with Doke? - -sure their gonna give us match up problems - but they don’t think we can’t give them match up problems?

    Thats ok - let them continue to let us fly under the radar - -let Nova have the majority of the attention - let us go un noticed. I’m ready -I still don’t get it - -but I’m ready. - -you all sit back and watch - -Barkly - - Kellogg - Davis - - Bilas - - -Greenburg and the crew they all are gonna pick Nova watch. - Thats’ cool - -All I can say is and this should be our motto til the end - - " LET IT FLY " - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I think most pundits think we are a good team and they think we have a legit chance to win. They just think Nova is a better team. If they think there is a 48% chance for KU (vs. Nova’s 52%), they think KU has a very legit chance to win, but Nova has a even greater probability to win.

  • I think its a combination of two things.

    1. Villanova has been more consistent than KU over the course of the full season. Like KU, they lost 3 of 6 during a stretch, but KU had a separate 2 game losing streak. So over the course of the season, you could argue that Villanova was the better team.

    2. Villanova has played better during the tournament. No one has played Villanova within single digits yet during the tournament. KU has won their last three games by 4 points each.

    So if you think Villanova had the slightly better regular season, and you also think Villanova is playing more dominantly right now, Villanova is the pick to win this game. Doesn’t mean KU can’t win. Just that this game, as @LSH says, probably favors the Wildcats.

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