The Battle for Perception

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    After this weekend, if one of these two men win the title, that man will be labeled the best coach in college basketball. If its Jay Wright it’s because he is perceived to have ushered in “small ball” to college basketball and won 2 championships in 3 years. If its coach Self then a second championship validates his insane regular season record over the last 15 years at Kansas.

    The are both in their mid 50s and will probably reign another 10 years. Izzo has had his media darling image tainted with all the MSU issues and he hasn’t succeeded lately in the tournament. K and Roy are both in their twilight years.

    All of this is just media fodder, but it can define the perception to casual college basketball fans. However I would suspect that just like us, Villanova, Kentucky, Duke, UNC, and Michigan St, wouldn’t trade their coach for any of the others regardless of perception.

  • Man, I love that photo.

  • @DanR Clooney is better looking!

  • Caption that photo.

  • Bill: “I heard Coach Consonants crapped his pants halfway through the 2nd half last Sunday…<chortles, then makes farting sound>”

  • One of these guys has the advantage of coaching east of the Mississippi.

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