Special guest traveling with team

  • If I am not mistaken, basketball guru Larry Brown, can be seen in the video of the team arriving at the hotel in SA. What an advantage to have that bball mind advising the team and coaches. Cool to see how much coach brown still loves KU.

  • I love Larry. I know some fans don’t, and I respect that. Still, I consider him the most significant hire for KU basketball in many decades. When Larry came aboard, our program was a UCLA, an Indiana… I mean, we sucked. i mean, now we complain when we win 30 games and only make it to the Elite 8. Back then, we couldn’t make the NCAA tournament.

  • This is a huge positive. He still has a good basketball mind.

  • We need some tricky coaching to throw Jay Wright off his game plan. We need to stay at least one move ahead of Jay all game.

    Nova plays sticky defense. They are going to be out there on the perimeter trying to shut down our treys. The key for us is hard, exact passes hitting the mark. The ball needs to hit the shooter in his chest so he can have one quick, continuous move on his shot. Nova puts enough pressure on the ball that they often make passers throw passes off the mark, giving Nova time to shift and close the gap on the shooter.

    Proper passing, spacing and timing will be the key to our success on offense. We have to attack their pressure with drives. We should get Nova in foul trouble if we play this right.

    I’m guessing fouls will show which team is winning perhaps even more than the scoreboard (until the end).

  • @Fightsongwriter Yes it was Larry. - -When I went to the send off here in Topeka he came through with the team – Ol Larry still stays very close to the KU program - -love it.-- -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KUSTEVE I’ve always been a huge Larry Brown fan.