Duke -3.5

  • Good. I like it when KU is the underdog. Bite em.

  • @BShark I think Self likes the underdog role.

  • @BShark I love that the pressure is on this Duke team. It should be. Starting all 5 star recruits. First guy off the bench is a 5 star. They are just Fing loaded tbh.

    I just hope we can keep Doke on the floor. A game called like that KSU game and we lost.

    I wonder if Bill has worked on any junk D this season? Would be funny to run a triangle and 2 on them at certain points. Put the two guys on Allen and Trent and double the post with the guy at the top of the key the second it gets fed.

    I honestly think it would work.

  • @Kcmatt7 In spots. Coach K too good for prolonged junk I think.

  • @Barney oh exactly. Out of a timeout. In foul trouble with 4 minutes left in the first half. Things like that. Or maybe open up the 2nd half with it for 4 minutes and see if they can figure out what the hell is going on haha.

  • you know what ? - this was mentioned by I’m not sure - -can’t remember who - -old timers lol. - Anyways someone - one of the commentators mentioned awhile back -KU playing with a chip on their shoulder. - - I think I have to agree. - -I mean ALL YEAR long people pretty much really not giving the credit to us.

    Yet we win the regular season - -we win the post season - - now we in the elite 8. - - first the analysts for the tourney all talking like we could very well be the 1st team to lose to a # 16 seed - -Penn - - we win that. - -Then they sitting there and say predicting Seton Hall not really mentioning KU - -we win. – -Last Night - - -Clark Kellogg - - Barkly both convinced - - Oh ya - -Oh ya - -Clemson gonna end KU yr - - even at half time Barkly still talking smack - -sure close at the end - but I mean we lead wire to wire pretty much - -Only Kenny Smith taking KU. - - Been this way pretty much all year. - - I DO think the guys may secretly be thinking - you not wanting to give us any props - -short bench and all - -go ahead keep talking your crap - -main while back at the ranch we just keep winning - let the other guys keep getting all the attention - -let them crow about Duke - they all seem to have Duke waltzing into the final four - we shall see - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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